April 21, 2021

15 Adorable Unexpected Guests People Encountered in Their Garden

We are used to seeing cats and dogs roaming around in our garden, looking for some leftovers or a safe place to shelter, but when it comes to other animals they visit so rarely, and when they do we find that very surprising. How often do you see a moose taking a nap in your garden, or a baby deer sitting in your front porch? Almost never.

However, there are some lucky people who have had the honor to be visited by these sweet intruders. They have been sharing their unexpected friends in the r/aww subreddit, which is dedicated to for cute and cuddly pictures.

Scroll down below to see the sweet creatures humans encountered in the most unexpected places.

1. Fox sleeping on the skylight


2. Just a tiny hawk hanging around

3. Saw these ducklings cuddling because of the cold weather today 


4. Rare white reindeer makes magical appearance in Sweden


5. “Just a moose taking an afternoon nap in my dad’s garden”

6. Deckster the deck possum brought Backster the back possum for a visit tonight!


7. “Let’s plant some catnip,” she said. “It’ll be fun,” she said. And then the addicts moved in and the neighborhood’s never been the same.


8. “A squirrel ran into the store I work at and stole a chocolate bar.”

9. A rare sight of a bird lying on its side.


10. Just a secret meerkat meeting 


11. “New neighbors!”

12.  How my day at work started this morning

How my day at work started this morning from r/aww

13. “This grumpy hero alerted me about its family’s camouflaged underground den with 5 siblings while mowing today.”

14. A friendly little deer came up to us on our walk today.”

15. “A mama deer in our neighborhood regularly leaves her fawns on our front porch for babysitting while she’s busy.”