April 19, 2021

20 Hilarious Moments When Animals Have Been Caught in the Act of Destroying Things Around the House

We love to share our house with our lovely pets. They know how to brighten up our day with their silliness, but sometimes they can take it too far. When we give them enough space, they start to mark their territory and really protect it. If something get’s in their way, they destroy it. If you’re bothering them, they will use all the skills they have in order to let you know who’s the boss.

And after they do all the mess, they give you those eyes to make you think things broke down on their own, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Those are the perks of sharing a home with a pet. If you’ve ever caught your lovely furball chewing up your favorite couch,  scratching your brand new leather sofa, pillow fighting, and the list goes on, just know that you’re not alone.

Scroll down below to see all the mess these adorable creatures can make once you turn your back on them.

1. Someone’s getting jealous it’s not their birthday today.

2. He Looks So Innocent You’d Think The Vase Broke On Its Own

3. Help!! My dog is destroying everything

4. Once We Talked About Getting New Door. Apparently She Heard Us And Wanted To Help

5. Apparently We’ve Adopted The Kool- aid Man

6. Innocence in the front. The Guilty Party Is In The Background

7. 1 Yr Old Boxer Cece Further Distressed My Already Distressed Leather Couch

8. Let me show you how I remodel

9. Heard My Husband Screaming While In The Shower. Walked In On This

10. This isn’t what it looks like

11. These Three Naughty Dogs Destroyed A Packaging Of A Colorant Powder. Fortunately, The Powder Was Edible

12. Good thing we can’t travel anywhere right now

13.” Dog Chews £80,000 Aston Martin”-  Now this gotta hurt.

14. Every Time I Straighten Them, Stevie Jumps Up And “Fixes” Them

15. This is why we can’t have nice things 

16. Trying to avoid the eye contact after the mess she just caused. 


17. They just don’t care

18. Thanks buddy! 

19. My Dog Chewed Up Some Of My Presents

20. He’s innocent as a lamb