April 21, 2021

20 Moments Where Cats Have Been Dog’s Worst Nightmare

We love to see when dogs and cats get along together, but sometimes they can be complete jerks to each other. Cats are known to be the ones who usually start the fight. They just like to have things their own way, and who’s to blame. There are a lot of reasons why they do that, it could be for fun or to mark their territory over the house.

If you have both cats and dogs in your house, you can probably relate to one of the pictures below.

#1 Please Call Master For Help. I Am Trapped In The Corner By Vicious Beasts


#2 They Were Both Sleeping 3 Minutes Ago


#3 I Was Able To Capture The Raw Anguish He Felt After Losing His Bed To The Void


#4 I’m Fine


#5 The Real Murderer Is In Your House


#6 My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed


#7 Poor Dog


#8 When You Are Trapped Downstairs Because The Catto Says No Passing


#9 My Fiancée’s Coworker Sent Us An Update On The Kitten We Gave Him. Zilla Demonstrating Why We Named Her Godzilla


#10 My Cat Stole My Dog’s Bone But The Dog Is Too Nice To Take It Back So Instead He Is Just Watching And Whining


#11 Dog Lost Today


#12 I Picked My Dog Up From The Groomers And My Cat Isn’t Too Pleased I Brought Her Back


#13 I Heard My Dog Growling And Went To Check On Her


#14 My Cat Stealing The Dogs Bone


#15 Louie Is Begging Me, With His Eyes, To Make Allie Move


#16 Our Cat Urinated In Our Dog’s Water Bowl. Guess It’s A Payback For The Dog Eating The Cat’s Food


#17 Sam Will Sit On Top Of The Dog’s Food Container, Forcing Me To Feed Him First


#18 My Cat Sits In The Doorway To Stop The Dog From Going Inside


#19 Typical


#20My Girlfriend’s Cat Is A Jerk To My Dog