‘Animals Being Bros’ Online Community Shares Adorable Images of Animals Supporting Each Other

Animals are our best companions. They truly make our lives better. Even though they have to do whatever it takes to survive, often it feels like their heart bigger than ours. Whenever we lose faith in humanity, we turn to these beautiful creatures and see the compassion they share for one of their kind. And where’s a better place to share that other than the internet. While digging through the web, we found a place for sharing videos, gifs, and images of animals being bros. r/AnimalsBeingBros subreddit shares some of the most adorable content of animals being there for each other.

This group was created in 2013, and so far counts around 4.3 million members. From videos of a horse sprinting to his girlfriend after two years of separation, to a duck adopting 10 ducklings after she lost hers, this online community shares some of the most wholesome content.

To illustrate that better for you we made a collection of images and videos below. Therefore, scroll down below to check it out. Make sure to upvote your favorite one that steals your heart away.

1. These ten ducklings were found orphaned and they were brought to a pet duck called Stella who had just hatched nine of her own two weeks prior. She immediately claimed the ten as her own.

2. Doggo does a save


3. Male lizard holding up his gf so she can take a nap


4. Suddenly the cone’s not so bad


6. Orangutan lending a helping hand to a man clearing away snakes from a conservation forest area to protect the orangutans


7. Dogs saving an entire species


8. He remembers what it was like being a stray.


9. Sure, I’ll jump with you kid

10. These cats 2 year anniversary


11. It’s time to lay down some ground rules


12. A mud covered search and rescue dog is seen looking for survivors at the site of the landslide in Atami


13. Dog chasing police car in Brazil, because his “owner” (a homeless man) was taken to be ID’d.

14. Cool stepmom

15. Just a quick cat nap then


16. My neighbor sent me this video of a fox and her pupper doing a prison escape!

17. Our handsome boy alerted my wife and I to his sister having a medical emergency, so he earned a certificate! She was rushed to the vet and is doing well now!


18.A pelican befriended a stray dog who was often spotted hanging out all alone along the boat docks. The man who photographed this has adopted him but brings him back every day to see his friend, Petey the Pelican.


19. Now those are two bros


20. Wild horse sprints to his girlfriend after 2 years apart

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This Cat’s Face Is Making the Internet Uncomfortable

This world holds many weird or strange types of looking animals. We might have seen animals with different types of fur or skin colors, dimensions, etc. But have you ever seen an animal that looks like a face of a human being? This cat is guaranteed to make you feel a bit uncomfortable. The more you stare to look at its face the more unsettling you might feel.

Most of the people who have seen this cat said that the eyes are the main thing. Because this cat’s eyes have pretty much a human’s vision. They are more expressive and deep.

In reality, she was bred at the Catsvill County sanctuary in Moscow by Tatiana Rastorgueva, who specializes in Maine Coons. Rastorgueva has spent the last 16 years breeding these large cats to create what she describes as “definite” features

However, look at the photos down below and see for yourself. Comment us what do you think you love them or are you crept by them.

1. Our resting face is her resting face, as she legit looks like someone who isn’t a morning person.

Reddit | Pot_klaus

2. This is probably everyone’s face after long hours of work

3. Tired of existential dread

Reddit | Galina1952

4. This is also us frightened for life. Or today isn’t the best of this cat’s day

Twitter | @catsnkittys


Facebook | Tatiana Rastorgueva

6. Or generally they just don’t seem like they enjoy themselves pretty much.

Reddit | EHDAwesomeness

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