Believe It or Not, These Dogs Have a Real Job

Our four-legged friends have more things in common with humans than we think. Sometimes the compassion they share for one of their kind overpasses what we humans do for one another. Something even more unbelievable, is that they are so skilled now, that people started to hire them.

If you don’t believe us, scroll down to see for yourself.

I Took My Dog To The Vet Today And Met This Guy. The Sign Underneath Is The Best Part


This Best Boy Helping Children Testify

My Local Hardware Store Has A Dog That Follows You Around, And Takes Your Items To The Counter For You


Lifeguard Doggos In Croatia


My Buddy’s Dog Who Is Trained To Dig Up Sea Turtle Nests So They Can Be Safely Incubated And Set Free After The Hatch


Jax Is The Official Stamp Licker At The Post Office


This Flower Shop Has A Flower Assistant Who Just Needed To Take A Break In A Bed Of Flowers


Good Boy Uuno Works Very Hard As A Video Game Developer


Pilot Scares Away All The Birds Who Might Otherwise Come In To Contact With Aircraft At Vancouver Airport


My Truffle Hunter With The 18oz Of White Truffles She Found Today


This Police Puppy


This Is Oreo And He’s The Greeter At Our Menswear Store


The Newest Employee At Our Funeral Home, Luna. The Sleepy Comfort Pup


K9 At Their Training


This Is Pickle, A Certified Search Dog For BC Search & Rescue. Here He Is Posing Proudly With A Shoe He Found


This Bar I Go To Has A Roof Where The Security Guard Stays In One Spot To Welcome Guests


Meet Hope! She Gave Kisses And Candy At The Airport On Valentine’s Day


Barney Is An Assistant And All-Round Good Boy At The Post Office In Drumshambo, County Leitrim, Ireland


Dog Mechanic On The Job

Biscuit, A Staff Moral Officer

Sea Turtles Get Rescued From Unnecessary Suffering

As you may know, barnacles are some sort of crustacean that usually fix themselves to rigid surfaces as rocks or even ships. Yet, sometimes they can attach to the sea turtles shell. Although one single barnacle doesn’t particularly cause any sort of damage, if the barnacles number found on a turtle’s shell is too high, that could turn into real struggles for the hopeless marine creature. Swimming difficulties, infections and even poor eyesight can be the result of these sticky crustacean.

And today we will focus on a random act of kindness, where a heroic guy from Sri Lanka, decides to help some poor sea turtles to dispose of a burden that could eventually cost their lives. The helpful man, called Chika Boy is great fond of wildlife and always willing to step up for the hopeless animals. This time, he removes the barnacles from the turtle’s shell!

So, in his latest YouTube video, Chika Boy shows us the easiest way to help a sea turtle to get rid of those unpleasant guests. You can see how many barnacles attached themselves to this tiny sea turtle. Fortunately, this nice guy removes them all using a special tool. Then, with its shell clean, Chika Boy releases the turtle back in the ocean.

Scroll down and find more of his videos on YouTube.

CHIKA BOY: Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Twitter | YouTube


Photo screenshotted from video: Chika Boy


Photo screenshotted from video: Chika Boy


Photo screenshotted from video: Chika Boy




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