March 1, 2021

Curious Animals Interrupt Wildlife Photographers by Checking Out Their Camera

Let’s face it: animals don’t care whether you’re trying to take a picture or you’re on a video call. If our work-from-home culture has taught us anything, it’s that pets are curious and have no qualms about interrupting a photo or video to see what they’re missing. Well, it turns out that wild animals have a similar attitude to our domesticated cats and dogs. As many wildlife photographers share, creatures large and small want to see what these folks are doing with their cameras.

To many of you who have pets in your home, you know how curios they can be, and they do anything to rest their curiosity without caring if they’re interrupting a phone call, video-meeting or anything else it is that you’re doing. But as it turns except cats and dogs, other animals share that curiosity as well.

In a Twitter thread that has now gone viral, Joaquim Campa collected a list of animals interrupting wildlife photographers. Scroll down below for some simple yet adorable pictures of these curios creatures.