April 22, 2021

Cute Birdorable Black-and-Yellow Broadbills That Look Like Cartoon Birds

This artist gets himself lost in the minutiae of mixing the right color or getting the proportions of the subject “perfect.” He said: “Sometimes, I wish I could return to the freedom of making art as a kid when all I had was a cheap 12-pack of Crayola crayons and some old copy paper.

Realism and form weren’t the points, imagination was, and natural colors were just a suggestion.

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The Yellow and Black Broadbill feel like a bird I might have dreamed up back then. I mean, how else does nature come up with a tiny bird with a pink body, black and yellow wings, bright yellow eyes, and an aqua beak – Clearly, Mother Nature was running low on crayon colors that day.

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These colorful creatures can be found in Southeast Asia, in the hills and lowland forests of Thailand, Indonesia, and surrounding countries. According to the IUCN Red List, they are threatened by habitat loss to the local logging industry. There aren’t any specific conservation efforts in place, though some areas of habitat are included in land protection initiatives.


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Black & Yellow Broadbill منقار پهن زرد و سیاه بومی اندونزی مالزی تایلند و… #blackandyellowbroadbill

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Their song is described as “disproportionately loud.” It starts cute enough as a series of short coos but quickly increases in speed, pitch, and volume. It’s both hilarious coming from such a small bird and incredibly annoying.

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Credits: BirdorableeBird