Four Baby Squirrels Find Comfort on the Arms of This Momma Cat After Being Abandoned by Their Own

The instinct of a mother is always present, be that humans or animals. And one sweet occasion we’ve seen that recently is when a cat adopts 4 abandoned squirrels.

The adorable squirrels were found in a park in Bakhchisaray, Crimea. They were abandoned by their mother just 4 weeks after they were born. They were so tiny and in big need of someone to protect and nurture them.

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Image credit: Reuters

Fortunately, their health condition was good, so they were brought to the wildlife park, and the park keepers knew that the squirrels are going to need a mother figure in order to grow and survive. On the other hand, Pusha, one of the cats of the park had just given birth to four cats as well and, the park owners wanted to see if she would accept to take care of the baby squirrels too.

Image credit: Reuters

And to everyone’s surprise, the cat accepted them immediately. Even though the squirrels were a bit afraid of her in the beginning, by the time they started considering Pusha her mom and jumping all over her.

Image credit: Reuters

“They sleep, eat and play together in a wonderful family that we’ve ever seen,” said the park owners.

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The veterinarian Ben ( shares the same viewpoint. So he published a video where he ran down the breeds of cats and dogs that would have the most disadvantages for him as a vet. Keep in mind that this list is from a veterinarian’s perspective and is subjective. This does not intend to foster aversion towards the mentioned breeds.

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