Four Bunnies Accept This Golden Retriever as Their Mommy- the Dog Gleefully Takes Responsibility

Nothing is more sweet than seeing two species putting aside their differences and getting along. Like humans, coming from different backgrounds, different personalities, we never know what we’re going to find when we meet someone new, but then the magic happens. A good relationship is forged, a strong bond that is unbreakable.

It’s so good to know that this friendship doesn’t happen only with people. Animals as well create a special relation with different species, and the cutest example we’ve seen lately is four bunnies and a golden retriever named Bailey.

When four bunnies had come to Bailey’s home after 22 days old, they had already chosen who’s gonna take care of them. The special bond they created with the lovely dog won the hearts of people all over the internet.

When they met Bailey, the bunnies sniffed him out and then threw themselves at him, kissing the big guy with their wet nose. Surprisingly they didn’t show fear, but on the contrary, they were being friendly also with a little bird that landed in their bed.

As the video shows, this four-legged friend is taking this new responsibility of being their mommy very seriously. Something we will know for sure that these little babies will grow big and strong overflowing with love.

Photo credit: This is Bailey

Photo credit: This is Bailey

Photo credit: This is Bailey

Vet Goes Viral After Naming 5 Dog And 4 Cat Breeds He Would Never Purchase

For most of the pet lovers there, we know we are choosing our pets wisely (if we have the chance to). Some things have to be considered, like our capability to raise the animal or the practicality of raising a certain breed. Because sometimes, you would be allured by the look of the pet and only realize that it would be hard to maintain the pet.

The veterinarian Ben ( shares the same viewpoint. So he published a video where he ran down the breeds of cats and dogs that would have the most disadvantages for him as a vet. Keep in mind that this list is from a veterinarian’s perspective and is subjective. This does not intend to foster aversion towards the mentioned breeds.

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This veterinarian listed down dog and cat breeds that he wouldn’t recommend buying

Here’s what the audience had to say

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