Giant 3D Cat Shown on Billboard in Tokyo, Japan

Famous for their technological innovations, Asian countries never fail to impress the world with their computer graphics. A gigantic 3D cat has appeared on a billboard in Tokyo, in one of town’s busiest railway stations. More specifically, over the east exit of Shinjuku train station, where approximately 200,000 people are estimated to cross by daily. The footage shows the giant calico kitten staring at the pedestrians and looking like it is jumping down on them. It repeats the movement several times an hour. And this is the main reason why this ad became so unique. Because it gives off the impression that the cat is actually interacting with people.

Pedestrians of Tokyo have been sharing content featuring the 3D gigantic cat all over social media, resulting in becoming a viral hyper-realistic pet. In addition, people have been admiring the excellent work that has been put into the production of such a fascinating billboard.

For those unable to visit in person, one of the companies behind the display, Cross Space, has started livestreaming a view of the billboard via YouTube. As a result, people from all over the world can see the impressive “Shinjuku cat” throughout the day. However, in a press release, the screen’s owners pointed out that the 3D effect can lose its magic depending on the viewing angle.

Scroll down to see some cute videos and pics!

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#1 A hyper-realistic 3D cat has appeared on a billboard in Tokyo, Japan

#2 And the movies of it vent viral on Twitter

#3 The large lifelike “Shinjuku cat” is a 4K 3D shifting picture created by MicroAd Digital

#4 The cat has several poses throughout the day.


#5 It is first startled awake in the morning, and by the afternoon it can be seen standing up and meowing at passersby.

#6 Due to a special curved 3D screen, the hyper-realistic installation can be seen at the east exit square of Shinjuku Station


#7 The lovable 3D cat made folks feel fairly fascinated by the bizarre sight on the street


#8 The calico cat billboard airs between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m., because the video modifications all through the day


#9 Here is what the billboard seemed before the calico cat show appeared


#10 The cat has already attracted attention online, with people expressing their amazement

Besides their comments, a couple of Twitter customers had also posted movies of the animal yawning, falling asleep and mainly simply doing cat issues

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Hilarious Famous Cat Pics Illustrated by Tactooncat (40+ Pics)

Who doesn’t love some good cat pictures to brighten up their day and make them laugh? Cats are the perfect foil for the internet’s sharing and meme culture. With their huge personalities and lovable antics, they really do rule the web. They are at once silly and serious, capable of the most animated agility you’ve ever seen, followed by them falling asleep pretty much anywhere. However, understanding cats take a sense of humor because they have their own way of doing things.

So, it’s no surprise that this Indonesian artist known as Tactooncat on Instagram captured the opportunity to illustrate viral cat memes into amazing and hilarious drawings. In fact, these cat drawings have become viral due to their awesomeness, hilarity and cuteness. You can find all the classic cat memes on her page, and seeing them drawn gives them a brand new perspective and life.

The illustrations accurately portray the original source while also keeping to the unique style. Thus, check out the gallery below and don’t forget to swipe the pictures in order to see their original source. Also, let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorites, and don’t forget to vote for the best!

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