This Highway Overpass Is a Major Success Many Wild Animals Are Using It to Avoid Danger and It Is Making Us All Happy

Hence we humans coexist with every kind of animal on this planet is our duty also to not destroy their habitat or taking more place than needed. When it comes to wildlife things can be more specific. Especially, when they need to cross through the highway. Bridges for bears and tunnels for tortoises have significantly reduced the number of wildlife-car collisions worldwide.

The Utah Divison of wildlife resources which also guards the state wildlife has shown the brilliant project that of a highway overpass and surprisingly all the wildlife are using it.

The company’s outreach manager stated that they handed over the trail camera filming of the overpass to Utah state university. They thought of a statistical study that could outbring how many times the overpass is used by wildlife. So they recently installed a camera system on the overpass as well. However, detailed statistics have not been shown yet, but it seems during the observatory reports that deers have been using the overpass more frequently.

The Division shared their joy and happiness with us so below you can find the video attached with some cool music to boost your energy throughout the day!

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The future of Utah’s wildlife will be held in two other companies Utah DWR and UDOT. They will work together on a future crossing just like this one. It is yet early to know other overpass locations, so we have to be patient.

UDOT and DWR were pleasantly surprised at how many animals have used the overpass over the first two years of the overpass’s completion” The Company stated that 3 miles of wildlife fencing line both sides of I-80 adjacent to the overpass and help funnel animals to the overpass, allowing for safe migration.

Before the construction of the overpass, near 100 wildlife and motoric accidents were reported in less than 2 years. Since the overpass is built, fortunately very few accidents have been reported.

The pics below illustrate how good and useful these overpasses have been, and we are all very happy for them!

1.Cameras near and on the bridge caught a number of different species crossing the I-80 highway throughout the day.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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Hilarious Famous Cat Pics Illustrated by Tactooncat (40+ Pics)

Who doesn’t love some good cat pictures to brighten up their day and make them laugh? Cats are the perfect foil for the internet’s sharing and meme culture. With their huge personalities and lovable antics, they really do rule the web. They are at once silly and serious, capable of the most animated agility you’ve ever seen, followed by them falling asleep pretty much anywhere. However, understanding cats take a sense of humor because they have their own way of doing things.

So, it’s no surprise that this Indonesian artist known as Tactooncat on Instagram captured the opportunity to illustrate viral cat memes into amazing and hilarious drawings. In fact, these cat drawings have become viral due to their awesomeness, hilarity and cuteness. You can find all the classic cat memes on her page, and seeing them drawn gives them a brand new perspective and life.

The illustrations accurately portray the original source while also keeping to the unique style. Thus, check out the gallery below and don’t forget to swipe the pictures in order to see their original source. Also, let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorites, and don’t forget to vote for the best!

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