April 23, 2021

Meet the Hero Who Saves the Forgotten Cats in Fukushima’s Nuclear Zone

Sakae Kato is the 57-year-old hero of cats that were left behind after the earthquake and tsunami caused by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. This is considered to be one of the worst nuclear accidents since Chernobyl, and a lot of people moved to a safer place taking what they could with them in order to survive.

Unfortunately, a lot of cats were left behind, dying in people’s homes without a single help for survival. Sakae is the man who stayed behind to make sure they were healthy and alive.

h/t: Reuters

Before this happened, his used to run his family’s business, a small construction firm. He was deeply connected to the place, and that’s the reason that made him stay while hundred thousands of others evacuated.  Another reason was the cats. After finding a lot of dead animals forgotten inside people’s houses, he stayed to make sure that  the rest of them are not going to end up like that.

So far, he is taking care of 41 felines on his property and has already buried 23 other cats in his garden. Among cats, he rescued a dog as well, whom he alter named Pochi. Due to the pandemic, Sakae spends his days in a small quarantined community without running water. Despite all the difficulties he faces everyday, his love for his cats motivates to keep on. He spends around $7,000 a month for his animals, and he still continues to feed every animal he sees in the area.

Among these animals, was even a  wild boar, for which he got in trouble with the law for. Allegedly, he freed the wild boar that was caught in traps set by the Japanese government. This act was followed by his arrest. Since his arrest, neighbors began helping to care for the vets on his property. Once he returns, he is sure to continue his work caring for the forgotten pets of Fukushima.

h/t: Reuters