April 19, 2021

Photographer Uses His Lens to Capture What Love Looks Like in the Animal World

The idea of “love” is universal. It spans cultures and time. There are entire industries built on fostering love connections between people. But love and affection aren’t exclusive to humans. In the wild, animals display tender moments of affection all the time. Macedonian photographer Goran Anastasovski has spent 15 years honing his skills in wildlife photography so that he can share these touching instances with others.

Earthwonders reached out to Anastasovski to ask him more about his work. I love animals very much and that is why I take more pictures of animals than anything else. I think animals have more feelings than humans and every time I take a picture I want to show the feelings of the animals,” shared Anastasovski.My goal is for people to love animals more and not to kill them.”

His amazing collection features animals from all kinds, including wolves, lynxes, deer, monkeys and giraffes. His pictures tends to show the fact that animals have character and express love even more than people.

I am most attracted to photographing animals because you can not take two identical photos, although it is the most difficult to photograph them, there is still some adrenaline and that is why I love to photograph them,” adds the photographer for Earthwonders. 

The wildlife photographer hopes that these sentimental images will also raise awareness for animal conservation and dissuade people from continuing hunting practices.

H/t: Goran Anastasovski: Website | Instagram

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H/t: Goran Anastasovski: Website | Instagram