Since People Are Isolated, Animals Are Visiting the Cities

Because of coronavirus, in many countries, people have been told to stay at home to try and stop the spread of it, which means far fewer people are out and about. And since humans are away, the animals have come out to play!

If you take a look these days on the roads, it can be strange. This atmosphere might look like the “end of the world” in many places. A lot of creatures have been making appearances in places we wouldn’t expect to see them. Some of them have come to towns and cities just to search for food, while some others are enjoying their freedom with humans out of the picture.

In Japan, Italy, and Thailand, people have seen animals in the streets. In Japan, deers that usually live in Nara Park were forced to escape the park and look for food in the city. This park. Normally, this park is swarming with tourists, but now the Sika deer living there is a local attraction.







What it’s not unusual, is to see monkeys on the street in Thailand, but there have been a lot more than normal about recently as they’ve been coming in search of food. The tourists who keep them well-fed are now staying away due to the coronavirus outbreak, which led to hundreds of monkeys running around the roads, fighting over scraps.

In Italy, various animals (like sheep, boars and a horse) have appeared in the streets of Italy. And in Venice, the citizens have reported seeing fish and ducks in the canals after coronavirus lockdown left the streets and famous canals empty, and that the waters now are clear as crystal.







Designer Creates Adorable Illustrations Inspired By All Kinds Of Things

Logo designer Alfrey Davilla is an illustrator who makes various adorable illustrations that would be perfect logos because of how simple and eye-catching they are. Like many other artists, Davilla as well gets influenced by everything that surrounds him. More specifically, he creates logos from random photos, animal pictures, items, and all sorts of things. His illustrations are quite simple, yet so cute. Particularly, some of his beautiful drawings even became company logos! 

We love his amazing, touching work, therefore we wanted to share it with you all as well. With this intention, we’ve compiled a list of images from his Instagram page. Hence, scroll down below to check it out, and make sure to follow the artist for more. Also, make sure to upvote your favorite illustration!

More info: Instagram |









































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