April 18, 2021

Since Yosemite Park Closes Its Gates Animals Came Out to Play

The Yosemite National Park located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains has around 4 million visitors for a year, and 11000 per day.

Now with this pandemic lockdown underway, emboldened animals are roaming freely. They were captured on camera as serenity returns, waterfalls cascade down from snowy peaks, Coyotes calmly explore and bears roam freely. And even usually shy and elusive bobcats are popping up.

This world-famous Yosemite is the jewel in the crown amongst the United States’ numerous magnificent national parks and it is known for its biological diversity and breathtaking scenery: granite cliffs, mountains, meadows, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls, and crystal clear streams. Also, there are 1300 km of hiking trails and 560 km of roads. And normally at this time of year – the start of Spring, the park would be packed with tourists, but Yosemite became one of the first national parks to close it’s gates for this situation and has been shut since March 20.

In a statement by the Yosemite Park was said: “While so much has changed for humans in recent weeks, it’s reassuring to see that nature carries on as it always has. Spring seems to be slowly creeping into the valley, the sun finally emerging after a week or two of rain and snow. Waterfalls are gradually picking up momentum, and wildlife is becoming more active, perhaps enjoying having the park mostly to themselves.

Photo credits: YosemiteNPS