January 24, 2021

The Bearded Reedling Is the Roundest and the Cutest Bird You Will Ever See

In the animal world there’s sometimes a confusion how to categorize them by names according to their age and the changes they experience in their body while growing up.

For example we have the bearded reedling, which can be confusing to put a name for him when he starts developing. At what stage of roundness does a bird’s orb-like appearance merit a name change?

Instagram | @olssonstenman_photography

They also go by name bearded bushtits, but they aren’t related to the tit family of birds, they just get this nickname due to the similarity in appearance.

The males have black patches on their face, but notably, not on their chins. You know, where a beard is usually found. This is closer to a mustache. And their lady friends are equally round, but more of a solid pale orange shade. Instagram | @olssonstenman_photography

Instagram | @wallmika

They can be found in wetlands among the reeds that give them their name. Unlike many birds, they don’t migrate. Their orb-like appearance is most easily seen in the winter, when they puff up their feathers for extra warmth.

Instagram | @gers.energy

Instagram | @wallmika