April 19, 2021

The Most Metal Animals Ever (21 Pics)

A very long time ago, there have been metal animals inspiring albums, lyrics and band names in the rock and metal world. But if you think that you’re the ultimate metalhead don’t be so sure because you haven’t met these heavy metal animals. These odd-looking animals are so edgy that they make us want to headbang.

Even though some cool animals have been born with natural rocking colors and features and others have unique traits that make them even metal-er. Expecting the obvious ones – black animals – goats have long been associated with Satanism due to their stubborn nature. Another strange animal is the Texas horned lizard, also known as “horny toads,” which has the bizarre ability to shoot streams of blood from the corners of their eyes in order to deter predators. Does it really get more metal than that?



Odd Kjetil Liland


hugh highlander,still-improving

Greenfire Farms


Gary M. Stolz


Miguel Silva



chris smith

David Chapman