May 10, 2021

These Photos Prove That Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs In The World

Golden Retrievers and Labradors are loads of fun, people-oriented, obedient but curious and have a sharp intelligence that still shines through beneath their adorably goofy nature, that’s why they are the most popular dogs in many countries across the world.

They’re all high-energy dogs, so they need plenty of exercises! They do love a cuddle as well and are always eager to please their humans, that’s why we love them so much.

Labradors are commonly used today as guide-dogs and comfort animals for disabled people. Golden Retrievers are very similar to Labradors, with slight differences among British, American, and Canadian types.

Below you have some adorable photos of Labs and Golden Retrievers.

1. Little Guy Fell Asleep In A Basket With His Golden Retriever Puppies.


2. Fascinated Retrievers.

Pi Mei Nan Jiu

3. This Briefcase Contains Important Lab Results.


4. When You Get Buried In Snow But Your Dog Is A Retriever.


5. “Guess I’m Still Carrying A Little Holiday Weight”.


6. A Labrador Labradoing What A Labradog Labrado.


7. This Golden Retriever Has A Black Birthmark On The Left Side Of His Face.


8. Hi There.


9. More Peanut Butter!


10. I Asked A Women If I Could See The Puppies In Her Trunk, Snapped This Quick Pic!


11. I’m Pretty Sure Wally Thinks He’s A Cat.


12. I Think He Just Discovered His Toes.


13. This Is Ralph. It’s His First Time Out In Public. 11/10 Good Boy.


14. Capturing Unexpected Moments Sometimes Turn Out To Be The Most Memorable Of All.

15. My Golden Retriever After Not Seeing Me For 9 Months.


16. My Girlfriend’s Golden Has To Bring A Gift To Anyone Who Comes To The Door. If She Can’t Find A Toy, She’ll Grab Her Whole Bed And Drag It Across The House Or Pick Up The Shoe You Just Took Off And Give It Back To You.


17. We Have An Office Dog And He Visited Me Today.


18. My Friend Picking Out A Golden Retriever Puppy.


19. Can I Have Some?


20. 13 Year Old Golden, Taking The 8 Week Old Out For A Walk.