April 18, 2021

This Adorable Pup Has Won the Heart Of the Internet With His Unique Appearance

The internet is going crazy over this cut little pup that has a face to die for. His name is Goma and lives in Tokyo. What makes him completely adorable are his ears that looks something in between of a mickey mouse and a koala bear.

He is a mix of two breeds, Papillon and Maltese, which are both known for their beautiful features. It’s never sure what the offspring of these two breeds mixing is going to be, but one thing for sure is that Goma is a complete sweetheart.

There’s no chance you can pass by this lovable pup and not stop to pet him or take a picture. With an overloading cuteness he has been able to steal the hearts of over 110k people on the internet with his Instagram page that his humans set for him.

His family keep his fans updated with pictures of him, where he’s seen super charming with his outfits depending from the place he visits or the holiday he’s celebrating.

For more adorable pictures like this, follow his Instagram page to get updated more about his life.