April 22, 2021

This Award Deserving Horse Acts Dead Whenever Someone Tries to Ride Him

If you thought that humans are the only lazy creatures who make up the most creative reasons in order to avoid hard work, you couldn’t be more wrong, because there’s a horse in Mexico who literally plays dead whenever someone tries to ride him.

This dramatic horse named Jingang has gone viral through a video his owner shared of him on hi Instagram page. This rebellious horse has devised a unique way to keep pesky riders off: by playing dead anytime he’s mounted.

In the video, one of Jingang’s owners can be heard describing him as ‘cute but naughty’ and it’s hard not to fall tail over hooves for this cheeky character.

When he plays dead, Jingang really gets into the character by trying to be as dramatic as possible, sticking his tongue out of his mouth, and stretching his legs to the air.

Sometimes he falls to the ground even before a human even attempts to ride him, and the sight of the whole situation is just hilarious.

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Look how dramatic he is. He even sticks his tongue out of his mouth.

It is not had to distinguish him from the others

Honestly, he deserves an Oscar for his performance

Just close your eyes, no one will notice your breathing heavily. 

Are they gone yet? 

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