April 14, 2021

This Cat’s Majestic Fluffy Tail Looks Just Like a Squirrel

You might hear that there’s a cat out there with a tail like a squirrel’s.

This is Bell, a truly majestic cat with a tail so fluffy, that you probably wish you could touch it and see how soft it is. Bell’s owner keeps other pets, so she is always surrounded by furry friends, whether they’re feline or canine.

Bell is 3 years old and will turn 4 next May. She is a Minuet (a Napoleon cat), which is a mix of Persians and Munchkins. Or, to put it meowthematically, Persians x Munchkins = the Cat Emperor of France.

Minuet cats are known for their short legs, round faces, and dense fur coats.

Napoleon cats are incredibly healthy: they have very few health-related problems. That’s mostly because Minuets were bred to avoid the various health defects that Persian cats have, such as the excessive formation of tears, the blockage of tear ducts, flattened faces, as well as fur coats that tended towards matting.