April 14, 2021

This Clever Dog Rings Doorbell at 2 Am After Owners Accidentally Locked It Outside

Dogs are not only adorable but they are extremely intelligent. Some studies have shown that adult dogs have a brain capacity equal to that of a 2-year-old human, they can develop behaviors fit to help the disabled and to save lives as service dogs.

At 2 AM, Robert Fox of McDonough, Georgia was awoken to the sound of the doorbell. Surprised by the ring and not knowing what to expect, he took his gun and carefully headed for the door. His wife said that it was probably their dog, but was not entirely sure about it.

A labrador-mix, Chika, was ringing the doorbell at 2 AM.

Chika is now safe and sound.

Here’s the full video of Chika ringing the doorbell (it’s loud, so beware).