Two Cats Are Better Than One, and These Adorable Pics Will Prove You That

One thing all the cat lovers can agree on is that two cats are better than one. And to all of you who don’t agree with that, we have proof below that will change your mind.

But first, let us tell you some reasons why there should always be two cats instead of one. If you want your cat to be happier, give it a friend that will mentally stimulate him/her and entertain each other when you’re too busy to play around. It makes training much easier. It makes it easier to prevent picky eaters. Basically if they see one another one of their kind, eat something they don’t like, slowly they’ll change their minds toward that food. Even though they’ re so good at keeping themselves clean, still with another kitty can help the other groom in places that are hard to reach. There are sooo many reasons, but hey we don’t have to try to convince you, because the pictures below speak for themselves.

Scroll down to check this awesome collection that you’re going to love the second you lay eyes on it.

1. Relationship goals


2. A picture full of love 


3. These two


4. Our cats huddle by the A/C vent when it’s hot outside


5. Mother and daughter are so precious


6. There was nothing there. Weirdos


7. Mirror image


8. Only thing better than napping with a cat is napping with two.


9. Lets just sleep like this 


10. Stray friends


11. Brothers Herbert & Douglas cuddling at a local shelter


12. Baby don’t leave me!


13. My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow


14. Happy 4th birthday Mario and Milo! My favorite picture of the two of them together!


15. Meowfie


16. Indie and Ghost


17. She brought a friend the next day


18. Pancake and Hallow just met but I think they might love each other.


19. I introduced my fur babies to my newborn. Going to be an interesting next few years


20. My parents didn’t want a cat, this stray and her baby decided otherwise. Obviously my parents now have 2 cats


Stunning Photo of Bengal Tiger Taking a Stroll in Front of Ancient Ruins

A beautiful subspecies of Panthera tigris, which we simply call the Bengal tiger, was spotted by the photographer Nitish Madan, in Ranthambore National Park. The park is a mix of nature, history, and wildlife which also boasts a plethora of fauna besides the tiger. However, tigers are the creatures that Madan is most fascinated by. In fact, he’s spent over 10 years waiting for the perfect moment to capture a tiger walking in front of the picturesque Ranthambore Fort.

“My fingers were numb from the cold and I couldn’t feel them anymore. It was the moment I had been waiting for as long as I could remember. I shook my head in utter disbelief as I lifted my camera and was so glad to have been able to press the shutter button. I already knew how to compose the shot as I had practiced it a thousand times before, only this time it was with a tiger in the frame. It felt so unreal as if it was a mystic dream with a tiger crossing our world.” Madan recalls.

Through his photos, the photographer tries to advise us to treat animals with respect and care. In addition, he reminds us that due to poaching and environmental changes, such majestic creatures are slowly disappearing.

For more info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Photograph Madan was able to capture magnificent photos of the tigers at Ranthambore National Park.

” It was freezing cold, full of fog and mist and I couldn’t feel my fingers, glad that I was able to press the shutter on my camera. It was such a special moment, one that I have been waiting for, for as long as I can remember, finally nature has blessed me with this. I am ever so grateful. For me, this image has captured the heart and soul of Ranthambore.”
“These cats are intensely beautiful, such powerful beings. You can feel the power behind this gaze, such a thrill to see them in their wild habitats.”
“Queen Arrow photographed in a glorious winter light while she was on her territorial walk in Ranthambhore National Park. It always a thrill to see these cats, in all their beauty and elegance. They are simply exquisite! What a privilege to spend time with these beautiful, graceful, powerful beings.”
“What an exciting and heart racing moment it always is when the tiger is walking head on towards you. Such a privilege to spend time with these beautiful, graceful, powerful beings.”
“Tiger Queen licking herself clean. Its not just because they are fastidious, they work to remove as much of their scent as possible so prey won’t be able to smell when they are downwind.”
“What an exciting and heart racing moment it was as we watched the gorgeous tiger princess walked the forest track head on towards us. I froze in sheer awe at how magnificently beautiful she really was when she looked me straight in the eye.”
“Captured early in the morning when she was getting ready for a busy day.”
“It is always a delight to see a Male tiger as they are so hard to sight. Photographed this male in zone 6 of Ranthambhore national park when he came for a drink of water from a natural depression, a natural shallow hole which holds water in the summer. So if you know where the water is in your forest reserve you can pretty much predict where tigers are going to be.”

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