Woman Saves Baby Raccoon And He Keeps Coming Back To Visit Her 3 Years Later

Watching animal pictures is a successful way to brighten up your day. Today, our personal favorite type of animal is raccoon!

Social media is about about a story that captured a surprising raccoon by the roadway. And as we all might know, raccoons often get killed when hollow trees are cut down by chain saws. However, in this case, this lost raccoon was lucky. Nikki Robinson conserved him as well as after a number of efforts at taking him to wild animals facilities and also veterinarians, Nikki was let down in the absence helpful. Nonetheless, her mom Linda has had experience increasing raccoons and also after a little persuasion, took the little raccoon in. They called him Little Hands as well as fell for the garbage panda. Surprisingly enough, Little Hands maintained returning. Nikki neither Linda have actually never before experienced such a caring raccoon.

We love seeing how close of connection animals can have with people who rescued them. These relationships are proof of how compassionate and emotional animals can be. Hence, here are some pictures of this raccoon that are just as adorable as they are unlikely!

More info: Instagram | deviantart.com

#1 Camouflaging….

#2 . Happiest little guy I got to care for ❤️

#3 And he’s off into the trees of his outdoor enclosure with other coons to learn to be a coon!

#4 Am I disturbing something?

#5 Sleepy head

#6 Dwayne

#7 Omg, did I leave the stove on?

#8 Dwayne “the RAC” Johnson

#9 We need more trash pandas to get through the day, so I’m digging out some gems for you!

#10 Trash Panda’s little hands.

#11 Gotta’ Practice!

#12 Happy lil’ Trashpanda Bug, climbing trees.

#13 Reaching for the end of the week, like….

#14 Don’t stare at me for so long. You will fall in love.

#15 Wishing you a wonderful day

#16 It’s Monday, just grin and bare it!

#17 The cuteness is vastly underrated!

#18 Lazy morning

#19 Lil’ Lady Bug.

#20 New grandchild for mom!

#21 Loves to play in Mom’s hair.

#22 Baby Trash Panda, still gotta feel everything….

#23 Peek-a-boo


#25 Trash Panda daughter, Buttercup

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‘Absolute Units’: 30 Times People Saw Something So Big, They Just Had To Submit The Pic To This Online Group

In photography, size manipulation of an object is called forced perspective. Forced perspective is a technique that manipulates human visual perception to make an object appear larger, smaller, closer, or farther away than it is in reality. Think of Italy’s most typical tourist picture with the leaning Pisa tower. Or someone holding the sun at sunset in their palm.

Yet, this post is not about faking the size of the items in photos. Instead, the article is about all the real-life objects and creatures that the human eye is not used to seeing that massive. Even the picture doesn’t do its justice to convey its scale. 

Welcome to Reddit page Absolute Units, also titled “Lads that you’re in awe at the size of.” This subreddit offers a variety of pictures featuring animals, people, statues, anything you can think of that is extremely ‘oversized’ and not at its ‘natural’ size. From giant humans to frogs with unexpectedly ‘thicc’ thighs, prepare to see the Giants (no, not the baseball team).

More info: Reddit

#1 Gorilla Hand

Image source: daves_not__here

#2 My Parents Dog Who I Got To See Over The Holidays

Image source: juktel

#3 Absolute Unit Of A Toad!

Image source: B-L-O-C-K-S

#4 Me In My Kindergarten Class Reading Room

Image source: BashyMcBashBash

#5 These Bananas My Wife Got At The Store

Image source: DiFaz07

#6 This Frog’s Thicc Thighs

Image source: thisthomas

#7 This Absolute Unit Of A Baobab Can Hold 120.000 Liters Of Water

Image source: the_wild_wind

#8 This Is Peter Freuchen, A Danish Explorer

Image source: Poggypog20

He Completed A 1000km Dogsled Journey And Was Trapped In An Avalanche, He Escaped With A Knife Made From His Own Frozen Feaces. He Killed A Wolf With His Bare Hands, Fought Against The Nazis And Escaped A Pow Camp.

#9 This Bunny Has An Absolute Unit Of An Ear!

Image source: B-L-O-C-K-S

#10 This Guinea Pig

Image source: JustAnotherRndomDude

#11 This Vietnamese Street Vendor

Image source: regian24

#12 Jeff Dabe, A Competitive Arm Wrestler, Has The Biggest Recorded Ring Size, With His Finger Measuring 4.78″ Around

Image source: regian24

#13 This Absolute Unit Of A Calf Has Hit The Juice Young

Image source: tryed_and_trew

#14 The Chief Of Police

Image source: Meechlafanna

#15 This Is One Of The Biggest Personal Weapons Used By Man, The Punt Gun

Image source: regian24

It Was Used For Hunting Ducks On An Industrial Scale. It Was Proven So Deadly That Nowadays It Is Illegal In Most Western Countries.

#16 Why Does It Look Like That

Image source: arathiijz

#17 “Although Many Are Ignored (Especially In The Third World), There Are Good Artists Everywhere.” -Kumi Samuel. Ghana

Image source: regian24

#18 This Wolf

Image source: asuiop

#19 Unit Of An Iceberg Passing By Newfoundland, Canada

Image source: JKelly26

#20 Remy Been On Pizza Rolls

Image source: regian24

#21 An Absolute Unit Of A Bat (5 Foot 5)

Image source: AFKnightly

#22 The White House Chef Is An Absolute Unit And The Last Line Of Defence

Image source: regian24

#23 Meet Bonner, The Bestest Therapy Dog At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Image source: regian24

#24 The Absolute Size Of This Guy

Image source: regian24

#25 Former Soviet-Georgian Water Polo Athelete Petre Kako Mshvenieradze Is An Absolute Unit

Image source: regian24

#26 Ukranian Antonov An-225 Mriya – Worlds Largest Aircraft Destroyed By Russian Invaders

Image source: SupremeLynx

#27 Absolute Unit Of A Sculpture. Senegal Renaissance Monument

Image source: wesreadit

#28 The Blunt-Headed Burrowing Frog, An Absolute Unit!

Image source: Raspberrylemonade188

#29 Gigantic Couch

Image source: regian24

#30 Wolf Eel

Image source: regian24

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