February 28, 2021

12 Smart Architects Who Spared the Trees and Built Houses Around Them

With the development of the urbanization, people have been cutting a lot of tress to make space for new buildings. It is a sad fact that in a lot of places concrete has replaces the beautiful green colors of nature.

Although, some creative architects have found a way to build around this issue, melding trees into the house, or vice-versa. In a lot of cities you will see big cities with the lack of trees, so this new solution of architects helps  preserve the nature and our oxygen supply.

Check out some of the coolest “tree houses”  in the gallery below.

Kindergarten Around A Tree

Image source: Tezuka Arch

The Tree Was There First

Image source: smartforever

The Tea House

Image source: architizer.com

Casa Vogue

Image source: casavogue.globo.com

Niavaran Residential Complex

Image source: Mohammad Reza Nikbakht

Lakeview Residence

Image source: Patrick Wong


Image source: unknown

Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

Image source: noses.it

Tree Huger

Image source: Natasha

Cylindrical house built around a tree

Image source: Aibek Almasov

Tree Apartment

Image source: wdrzewach.pl

Casa Vogue

Image source: casavogue.globo.com