April 21, 2021

12 Smart Architects Who Spared the Trees and Built Houses Around Them

With the development of urbanization, people have been cutting a lot of trees to make space for new buildings. It is a sad fact that in a lot of places concrete has replaced the beautiful green colors of nature.

Although, some creative architects have found a way to build around this issue, melding trees into the house, or vice-versa. In a lot of cities, you will see big cities with a lack of trees, so this new solution of architects helps preserve nature and our oxygen supply.

Check out some of the coolest “tree houses”  in the gallery below.

Kindergarten Around A Tree

Image source: Tezuka Arch

The Tree Was There First

Image source: smartforever

The Tea House

Image source: architizer.com

Casa Vogue

Image source: casavogue.globo.com

Niavaran Residential Complex

Image source: Mohammad Reza Nikbakht

Lakeview Residence

Image source: Patrick Wong


Image source: unknown

Kook Osteria & Pizzeria

Image source: noses.it

Tree Huger

Image source: Natasha

Cylindrical house built around a tree

Image source: Aibek Almasov

Tree Apartment

Image source: wdrzewach.pl

Casa Vogue

Image source: casavogue.globo.com