16 Images of Earth From the Overview Effect That Show How Beautiful Our World Is

It is an amazing experience to change our perspective sometimes on the way we see things. For example, the way we view the world today, is quite an ordinary observation. Everything is routine for us, since we walk the same roads everyday, an do almost the same things. However, if we see these roads and everything in a full picture.

Daily Overview is a new project that posts satellite photographs daily from places around the world that have been touched by human activity. The project was inspired by and based on the idea known as the Overview Effect. To sum it up, the overview effect is what astronauts experience when they look at Earth from space.

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1. Palace of Versailles from space

‎Versailles, Yvelines, France, Europe
Position on the map: 48.804947, 2.120431

2. Dubrovnik City

Dubrovnik, Croatia, EU
Position on the map: 42.639989, 18.109395

On this website you’re able to see places from all over the world in all kind of categories. Agriculture, cities, industrial areas, nature, ocean, people.

Below there’s a video that will explain more on the overview effect, also some awesome images found with Apple Maps that were captured by Digital Globe. These images are a great reminder of how beautiful our world is.

Scroll down below to check out some of these images we’ve selected, and don’t forget to upvote your favorite.

3. Desert agriculture from above

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Position on the map: 28.5532547N, 36.1507600E

4. Vineyards Germany

Weinstadt, Germany
48°47’20.9″N 9°22’11.7″E

5. Stickney Water Reclamation Plant

Cicero, Illinois, USA
41°50′43″N 87°45′36″W

6. Tulip Fields

Lisse, Netherlands
52.271256°N 4.546365°E

7. Barcelona Puzzle

Barcelona, Spain, Europe
Position on the map: 41.390479, 2.154984

8. 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group Tucson, Arizona, USA

Tucson, Arizona, USA
Position on the map: 32.170890°N 110.855184°W

9. New Bullards Bar Reservoir, Yuba County, California

Yuba County, California
Position on the map: 39.42903°N 121.13010°W

10. Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, USA
37.8384954,  -122.4227285

11. Residential Development, Killeen, Texas, USA

31.079844, -97.80145. In 2013, there were 923,400 home construction projects in the United States.

12. Plasticulture / Greenhouses, Almeria, Spain

36.78234°N 2.74315°W. Plasticulture refers to the practice of using plastic materials in agricultural applications. This is visible in the plains and valleys of Almeria, Spain where nearly 20,000 hectares are covered by these greenhouse structures.

13. Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands

53.0066°N 7.1920°E. Bourtange is a village with a population of 430 in the municipality of Vlagtwedde in the Netherlands. The star fort was built in 1593 during the Eighty Years’ War when William I of Orange wanted to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen. Bourtange was restored to its mid-18th-century state in 1960 and is currently used as an open-air museum.

14. Desert Shores Community, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

36.211001, -115.266914. The Desert Shores Community in Las Vegas, Nevada contains 3,351 units and four man-made lakes.

15. Boca Raton, Florida, USA

26°22′7″N 80°6′0″W

16. Venture Out RV Resort, Mesa, Arizona, USA

33.411791, -111.723591

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Turkish Hayri Atak Studio is the designer of the proposed Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel into Preikestolen, a cliff in southern Norway. The hotel, which is definitely not for the faint hearted, has become a popular tourist attraction. Such hotel features a swimming pool with a see-through bottom that juts out from the side of the cliff face. It features three levels of guest rooms and two observation decks, one at the top of the cliff and one at the bottom – alongside the swimming pool. The first of its kind, this swimming pool can be placed on top of a 55-storey luxury hotel!

Simply scroll down, and enjoy the views of this gorgeous hotel. Also, remember to upvote your favorite view!

More Info: Hayri Atak | Instagram

#1 Cliff Conceptual Boutique Hotel – Norway – 2019










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