1960s Holiday House Geographic X Camper Transformed Into an Amazing Luxurious Vehicle

RVs have been favorite vehicles to many people out there who love to travel and enjoy adventures on wheels. A lot of people have bought old buses or vans and restored them into amazing camper vans. We have seen a lot of examples when people have transformed an old vehicle into their new home. And below you’re about to see another awesome restoration.

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One of the most special vintage trailers spotted so far is the 1961 Holiday House Geographic X. Until now, people believed that there’s only one model remaining of this trailer. Luckily, as it turns out there are two of them.

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Holiday House started producing trailers in 1959. Their beginnings were very progressive with their futuristic designs. However, the Geographic X model remains the best model this company ever produced.

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In 1958, industrial engineer Chuck Pelly was enlisted to design the Geographic model. Model X was the description of the “trailer for the rich”. Holiday House created only 7 of these futuristic trailers, but it price tag of almost $8,500 ( which is $71,000 today) put off buyers. There was only one purchase of the Geographic.

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To the company’s misfortune, there was a fire that burned down the factory in 1962.

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Therefore, making Geographic X one of the rarest trailer models. Fortunately, the buyer of the showroom model decided to sell it on 1999. As the sole surviving model, it was restored back to its former glory then exhibited throughout Europe and the United States.

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Flyte Camp, an Oregon-based company that specializes in vintage trailer restoration were the one to find the second Geographic X in a garage in 2016 . The owner, without realizing that the trailer was in fact one of the most sought after mobile homes in the world, was using it as a storage unit for spare car parts.

The company immediately launched into a large-scale effort to restore this marvel of industrial design to its glory.

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Seeing how neglected the van is, it took quite some time to return it in its previous glory. The whole restoration and renovation process of the Holiday House Geographic X took over two years. After its restoration, the Geographic X became the embodiment of the modern luxury travel trailer that Holmes had intended.

via Flyte Camp
via Flyte Camp

This Holiday Home Geographic X is the only one to have its designer’s signature.

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via Flyte Camp

The trailer also comes with the personal signature of Chuck Pelly himself, both inside the trailer and on the exterior.

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The video below provides a tour in the gorgeous Geographic X, check it out:

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20 Facts About Japan That Will Show You Why This Country Is Worth Visiting

Japan is a large country that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in their lifetime. There are a lot of things that make this country stand out from the rest. Japan is definitely one of the most futuristic places in the world. We made a list of facts before that point out all the great things about it, which you can check here.

However, today we made a fresh list of images and reasons why this place should be on the top of your traveling list.

From the extremely technologically advanced to the gorgeous scenery, delicious food, fascinating history. Scroll down below to check out all these amazing facts about this place. Make sure to upvote your favorite reason for visiting this place.

1. A hotel in Tokyo has a reception desk that is run by robot dinosaurs


2. I recently gave birth in Japan. Here is some of the hospital food I ate


3. This sign in Japan shows the proper seating etiquette


4. A café in Japan is hiring paralyzed people to control robot servers in order to still make an income


5. Unattended grocery store. Just pick what you want and leave the money in the jar


6. Penguin soap opera in Kyoto aquarium


7. Japan is a rapidly ageing population and is running out of workers to take care for elders. They are solving this problem with robots. One of them – Robear – is able to lift a parson and transfer him to a wheelchair or help to get to a bathroom


8. Japanese toilets often have a button that plays white noise/water sounds so you can poop without other people hearing your business


9. There is a phone booth known as the “telephone of the wind” on a hill overlooking the ocean in Otsuchi town in northeastern Japan. It is connected to nowhere, but people come to “Call” family members lost during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami


10. Japan repair a sinkhole in Fukuoka city in 2 days

11. Another reason why I love Japan


12. Flight delayed in Japan. Airline employees bow to the passengers to apologize


13. At Japanese airports, the baggage handlers arrange luggage by color so it’s easier for you to find your bag


14. Another great Japanese invention: umbrella lockers. So you don’t have to carry them around inside a building and nobody takes yours ‘accidentally’


15. Subways in Japan have women only cars


16.These square watermelons in japan – grown in boxes to shape them while on the vine – for convenient stacking, shipping, and refrigerator storage


17. This toilet in japan has a system of occupied/vacant toilets information


18. Expectations meet reality in Japan


19.In the city of Shimabara on Japan’s Kyushu island, the drainage canals are so clean they are home to hundreds of koi carp


20.This shopping center in japan has free refrigerated lockers for your perishables so you can keep shopping after you get your groceries


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