20 Significant Architectural Buildings That Didn’t Survive Throughout Time

Welcome to the ‘Lost Architecture’ project, the Reddit group that shares the changes that the world went through history. Architecture of a place is what defines a country, tradition, culture. And it will take humans a lot of years to know how to build again the architecture of the past.

‘Lost Architecture’ subreddit counts 134k members who share the lost architecture worldwide. The community’s aim is to document how much time changes the world. Even the buildings that we think will seemingly stand forever eventually crumble and fall into pieces.

We dug into this community, and made a selection of their best pics to present to you today. Therefore, without any further ado, scroll down below to check out the buildings that didn’t survive through time. Beware that you’re about to enter a portal that takes you to into the past. Make sure to enjoy this ride, and let us know in the comments which one of these buildings is your favorite.

1.Built in 1504, demolished in 1910. What was the oldest house in Hamburg, Germany.


2. 2000 Year old N6 Pyramid in Sudan which was demolished in the 1800’s by an Italian treasure hunter


3. The Saltair Pavilion 1900-1925


4. Sibley Breaker, Pennsylvania, built in 1886 and destroyed by fire in 1906.


5. The original Neue Elbbrücke Bridge from 1887-1959 in Hamburg, Germany.


6. Times Square (1919) Before all the renovations and billboards


7. The Armenian cemetery of Julfa had around 10,000 elaborate funerary monuments called “Khachkars,” dating from the 9th to 17th centuries. In 1998 and 2006 the Azerbaijani government destroyed them all.


8. The Royal Opera House in Valletta, Malta (1911). Built in 1866, it was destroyed in World War II from a direct hit by Luftwaffe bombers


9. The late 3rd century Tetrapylon of ancient Palmyra, Syria. Deliberately destroyed by ISIS, 2017.


10. An unusual CitiBank that existed during the ’80s. Demolished by ’94, now a parking lot.


11. Ludgate Hill, London. Late 1800’s. Bombed in WW2 replaced with modern architecture.


12. Colored photograph of Dresden, Germany (1890) before the bombing of 1945. 


13. Warsaw, Poland 1939. No need to say what happened here. Truly a tragic loss.


14. The Original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC, demolished in 1929 to serve as the site for the Empire State building.


15. Ever wondered what the flatiron building in NY replaced?


16. Medieval town of Hildesheim, lower Saxony, Germany. Once one of the most picturesque and pristine late medieval towns in Europe. Destroyed on march 22nd, 1945, one month before the war’s end


17. Bowhead House, Edinburgh, Scotland. Built in the early 1500s, it was demolished in 1878. Many locals mourned the loss, having regarded the house as one of the most distinctive relics of the old city.


18. Old Detroit Library in Detroit, MI. Opened in 1877 and demolished in 1931.


19. Sir John Soane’s Bank of England, a maze of ruin-inspired spaces designed in 1788. It was replaced by a larger structure in the 1920s, and is today considered by many to be London’s most architecturally significant lost building.


20. Los Angeles c. 1928, nothing in this picture still stands


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20 Facts About Japan That Will Show You Why This Country Is Worth Visiting

Japan is a large country that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in their lifetime. There are a lot of things that make this country stand out from the rest. Japan is definitely one of the most futuristic places in the world. We made a list of facts before that point out all the great things about it, which you can check here.

However, today we made a fresh list of images and reasons why this place should be on the top of your traveling list.

From the extremely technologically advanced to the gorgeous scenery, delicious food, fascinating history. Scroll down below to check out all these amazing facts about this place. Make sure to upvote your favorite reason for visiting this place.

1. A hotel in Tokyo has a reception desk that is run by robot dinosaurs


2. I recently gave birth in Japan. Here is some of the hospital food I ate


3. This sign in Japan shows the proper seating etiquette


4. A café in Japan is hiring paralyzed people to control robot servers in order to still make an income


5. Unattended grocery store. Just pick what you want and leave the money in the jar


6. Penguin soap opera in Kyoto aquarium


7. Japan is a rapidly ageing population and is running out of workers to take care for elders. They are solving this problem with robots. One of them – Robear – is able to lift a parson and transfer him to a wheelchair or help to get to a bathroom


8. Japanese toilets often have a button that plays white noise/water sounds so you can poop without other people hearing your business


9. There is a phone booth known as the “telephone of the wind” on a hill overlooking the ocean in Otsuchi town in northeastern Japan. It is connected to nowhere, but people come to “Call” family members lost during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami


10. Japan repair a sinkhole in Fukuoka city in 2 days

11. Another reason why I love Japan


12. Flight delayed in Japan. Airline employees bow to the passengers to apologize


13. At Japanese airports, the baggage handlers arrange luggage by color so it’s easier for you to find your bag


14. Another great Japanese invention: umbrella lockers. So you don’t have to carry them around inside a building and nobody takes yours ‘accidentally’


15. Subways in Japan have women only cars


16.These square watermelons in japan – grown in boxes to shape them while on the vine – for convenient stacking, shipping, and refrigerator storage


17. This toilet in japan has a system of occupied/vacant toilets information


18. Expectations meet reality in Japan


19.In the city of Shimabara on Japan’s Kyushu island, the drainage canals are so clean they are home to hundreds of koi carp


20.This shopping center in japan has free refrigerated lockers for your perishables so you can keep shopping after you get your groceries


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