Japanese Architect Designs A Climbable Earthquake-Proof Bookshelf

Japanese architect Shinsuke Fujii has designed the first slanted bookshelf that you can climb up to get your books. But accessing the high shelves can be a problem, right? Well, not when you are an expertise. Japanese architect came up with a simple, yet brilliant solution that solves another problem too: earthquake safety.

The shelving design is not only a fun idea, but it also offers some insurance when it comes to earthquakes, which in Japan are quite frequent. Due to the angle of the shelving units, when an earthquake hits, the books have enough room and high enough angle that nothing will fall out of the cubby holes. With its shelves also acting as a ladder, it allows the homeowners to easily access hard-to-reach books.

The slanted façade also had the effect of creating an open feeling in the family room, where the home’s high perch allowed for plenty of sunlight to enter through the large windows. Altogether it makes a perfect oasis for the bibliophile with an eye for natural minimalism.

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Japanese architect designs a climbable earthquake-proof bookshelf at the request of his avid book lover client.


The design runs from the floor right up to the ceiling, which adds some major feng shui to the building.

Shinsuke Fuji Architects

It’s slanted angle also allows the homeowners climb the structure to access hard-to-reach books.

Shinsuke Fujii Architects

The shelf’s outward incline also makes it safe during earthquakes.

Shinsuke Fuji Architects

“In addition, by tilting the walls, the space is expanded and the view from the room is utilized.”


The diagonal wall is a very prominent feature of this house.

Shinsuke Fuji Architects

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More Info: Hayri Atak | Instagram

#1 Cliff Conceptual Boutique Hotel – Norway – 2019










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