May 11, 2021

Houses Made Out of Shipping Containers Are the New Accommodation Trend

Tiny homes have been the new trend lately and it’s easy to see why they’re appealing. Considering the busy lives we have today, everyone is looking for something low-maintenance, affordable, and you can’t deny how adorable they are.

What make these homes even better is the fact tat they are eco-friendly, since they’re made out of upcycled shipping containers.

Check out some of this cute tiny houses below.

Welcome to your new home!

Honombo | Honombo

How gorgeous is this?


A lot of people turn shipping containers into a cottage or cabin.

Facebook | Blocks Containers Structures

Don’t underestimate its small size.

Facebook | Blocks Containers Structures

You would never guess that these homes used to be shipping containers.

IQ Container Homes

You definitely wouldn’t feel like you’re living in a box, either.

IQ Container Homes

You can also add fun features like a rooftop patio.

Facebook | Backcountry Containers

The inside is just as adorable.

Instagram | @backcountrycontainers

Best of all, these shipping container homes are super affordable.

Instagram | @customcontainerliving

If you’re looking to move your family into one of these awesome little homes, fear not!


The floor plan features three bedrooms, an ensuite, a den, and an additional option to build a garage or basement.


If you aren’t ready to take the plunge into a fully-loaded shipping container home, you might be more inclined to their accessory options.


Whether you want to live luxuriously, or lay low in a basic home, these shipping containers can make it all happen!

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