Newly Opened ‘Little Island’ Park Is a Place You Should Add to Your Traveling List

Today, architects worldwide are focusing on stainable architecture. They are seeking to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large.

A lot of manmade spaces have been created in order to add the green lands closer to society. For instance, the incredible Little Island Park in New York City. Heatherwick Studio and Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects. are the designers of this amazing park. The whole process of approval and construction took about eight years.

Timothy Schenck

This park is the perfect getaway place, especially in a time when there are restrictions on traveling. Little island stands up in an iconic series of piles that add the grandiosity to this design. When seen from above, this design makes it look like the island is floating above the water. The construct of these piles withstands extreme river condition.

We can say for sure that this park was a successful project. The design system gave the designers space to include an amphitheater and a stage as well. Still, the greatest feature of this island is its biodiversity. Little Island includes almost 400 different species of grasses, shrubs, trees, and other flora.

Now the park’s doors are open to the public. You can visit Little Island by reserving a spot on their website. However, if you can’t manage to be there, just scroll down below to see some images of this amazing park.

Richard Silver
 Richard Silver
Richard Silver
Timothy Schenck
Timothy Schenck
Timothy Schenck
Timothy Schenck
 Timothy Schenck
Timothy Schenck

Little Island: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
Heatherwick Studio: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
Matthew Nielson Landscape Architects: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Vimeo | LinkedIn
Luxigon: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn
Diller-von Furstenburg Family Foundation: Website
Timothy Schenck: Website | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter | LinkedIn
Richard Silver: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

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A Farmer Reconstructs a Spiral Ramp to His Barn That Took Him 7 Years to Build

A lot of people tend to create things with the technology that existed a long time ago even though the modern world has developed so much. However, this man in Norway has managed to reconstruct a barn in the style of 1885 and it took him a total of seven years to take care of it. Getting it reconstructed of the grassy ramp with a lot of struggle but determination

The person who started doing this is Lars Petter Olsen Valldal, he is not only a farmer but also a lover of design who went bog to customize his barn. He used various methods to make his barn decent and not lose its 1800 appearance. All the work was done by hand. Sometimes he would use his hands to transport the rock other times he would use a custom build sled to carry the larger pieces

1. Olsen Valldal, has managed to reconstruct a barn in the style of 1885 and it took him a total of seven years to take care of it.

Oddleiv Apneseth

Olsen Valldal even designed and constructed a crane device to lift heavy pieces into place. While he was constructing all the barns. His wife took care of the agricultural side. A work team that produced and increased the farm’s productivity. He also took care of optimizing irrigation, by creating a machine to help to spread the manure.

All this hard work has paid because the barn looks very unique and lovely to live in. Hence, it gained the attention it deserved when his work was published in a 2014 book about Norway’s historic barns

2. He even designed and constructed a crane device to lift heavy pieces into place.

Oddleiv Apneseth



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