The Best Quarantine Backyard Reconstruction Projects

Pandemic has brought us a lot of free time. In a capitalist world especially the USA where heavy and strict labor work h of 13 hours a day might be the norm if you simply want to survive. Well, this might also be the case that you won’t have time to even water the plant or connect with the Earth by any means.

Covid being one of the hard things that hit the earth, however, it gave people the chance to spend more time on funny crafty projects. To naturally be humans by enhancing their ability to create and enjoy this natural process.

And some of these people’s project ideas were to reconstruct their backyard. Making it cozy and perfect for the evening even though in quarantine. Just covering like a caterpillar and playing a movie to enjoy.

Now scroll down to see the most interesting before and after projects and if you are In the mood to share your own lockdown projects, whatever they might be. Are you ready? Let’s play some Bob the Builder episodes but in real life. Pass me the shovel and ladders and please someone call in the truck!

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1. Never Had A Backyard In My Life. Took 3 Months Of Covid Quarantine To Pull This Together. Finally Have My Very Own Balcony Oasis In Toronto


2. I Built A Backyard Treehouse As A Quarantine Project


3. My Covid Backyard Project. An Especially Cozy Place For My Chickens. My Home Office Is In This Old Garage Looking Into The Chicken Coop


4. Before And After Lockdown Backyard


5. A Bit Late To The Party, But Here’s My Lockdown Garden Transformation


6. Since Everyone Seems To Be Posting Their Quarantine Project Before And Afters


7. My Neglected Backyard Covid Project: After A Lot Of Power Washing And Plant Care It’s Finally Used By Everyone


8. Outdoor Living Room – My Corona Project


9. DIY Backyard Overhaul. 1 Girl, 2 Days, $750, And A Whole Ton Of Ambition


10. My Husband Transformed Our Backyard With His Own 2 Hands Over 9 Months


 11. You Guys Like Driveways? This Was My DIY Covid-19 Project


12. My Mom Finally Kicked My Abusive Stepdad Out So I’ve Had The Chance To Make Some Improvements


13. My Covid Project. Revamped Backyard


14. 2020 Lockdown Garden Bar Build


15. My Quarantine Backyard Project


16. My Quarantine Project


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25 Insanely Creative Tattoos That Transform When The Person’s Body Moves

Elbows and kneecaps are perhaps the most challenging (and painful) body parts to tattoo. People seldom opt to tattoo over joints because those tattoos fade faster as they are in constant motion and don’t have the same time to heal. Hence, instead of tattooing over the joints, many opt to tattoo around them. Although this comes with its own challenges, it’s a pretty ‘grateful’ location for some funky and creative designs that ink-lovers are often drawn to.

This is where ‘moving tattoos’ come in place. Moving tattoos are those that transform as the person moves. The design and placement are rather tricky because the artist must ensure that the design follows and flows along the lines and contours of the body when it’s moving. It’s easier shown than explained, so take a look at some quirky and original tattoo designs that reveal their essence when the canvas moves.

#1 We’re Twerkin’ Our Way Into 2022

Image source: idlehandstattoonola

#2 See How This Baby Folds Up

Image source: skylerryantattoos

#3 Trapeze Artists

Image source: charlieking2000

#4 Sad Elbow Wrinkle

Image source:

#5 Lapin

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#6 Humpback Whale Diving With The Arm

Image source: petitescarabee

#7 Animated Giraffe, Eating Some Flowers. This Was A Fun One

Image source: rino.tattooing

#8 Siamese Fish

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo, veksvanhilliktattoo

#9 Freehand Done At Home

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#10 Got To Finish This Super Fun Beetle Today

Image source: somoslobos

#11 Almost Fully Healed

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#12 Bendy Ladder

Image source:  raketenwacholder

#13 Butterfly Eyes

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#14 Elephant

Image source: niki23gtr

#15 Funny Tattoo

Image source: tattooartemis

#16 The Oyster Is Possessive Of The Pearl. But It Is The Artisan Who Makes Her Feel Like A Jewel

Image source: sergioricardotattoo

#17 Metamorphosis

Image source:

#18 Donnie Darko

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#19 Moving Dinosaur Tattoo

Image source: thetackleboxtattoo

#20 Heart

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#21 Freehand Done At Home

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#22 Another Cool Knee Tattoo. Ribbit Ribbit When It Moves

Image source: mikel_bug

#23 Thanks Guy, Cool Session

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

#24 Very Cute Beetle

Very Cute Beetle

Image source: jblat.tattoos

#25 Beautiful Moving Tattoo

Image source: veksvanhilliktattoo

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