Facebook Group Gives 20 Perfect Reasons Why “You Should Have Hired An Architect”

Just as one wouldn’t risk tattooing themselves, one should consider whether they have enough knowledge and experience when doing certain things themselves. We humans sometimes reckon that we are the jacks of all trades. However, that’s rarely the case. Certain things require much more than a YouTube tutorial or vast imagination. For example, constructing and designing buildings.

Architecture is a whole field of study. “Architects have gone through years of college and passed rigorous exams to create safe and (hopefully) enjoyable environments,” is written in the description of a cheekily named group on Facebook. “You Should Have Hired an Architect” is a private group that shares the worst architectural flaws and fails that prove that people should leave building houses to the professionals. Below, look at some of the most prominent construction fails people have shared in the group.

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#1 You’ll Get To Know Your Neighbors!

Image source: John Adducci

#2 This Bathroom Ain’t It

Image source: James Crook

#3 Client: I Need Daylight In This Room, But Need To Stay On Budget! Builder: Say No More

Image source: Alice Wolke

#4 ‘Architect’ Designed Home From 1960 Comes With This Wtf Kitchen And Just Sold For $500k In Suburban Chicago! I’d Constantly Be Worried That Dishes Would Come Crashing Out Of Those Cabinets

Image source: Roy Dube

#5 Expert-Level Disabled Ramp Of The Week

Image source: Kim Galle Luensmann

#6 Just… Why?

Image source: Katja Jalkanen

#7 Seen On Twitter Just Now. He Said He Is Still Proud Of Himself For Installing

Image source: facebook.com

#8 This Is Not A Solid Floor: These Are Steps

Image source: facebook.com

#9 When You Just Have To Have A Pool

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#10 Logical Explanations: Go!

Image source: Van Thaxton

#11 I’d Hate To Have That Seat During A Game

Image source: Carol Ann Welsh

#12 Fits Like A Glove

Image source: Perry Landesberg

#13 I’m Hoping This Isn’t The Finished Condition, But Unfortunately It Probably Is

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#14 Wtf!?!

Image source: Aaron Kalbfeld

#15 Project Budgets Go About This Far These Days

Image source: Allison Beer McKenzie

#16 It’s Been A Looooong Time Since I’ve Seen A Terrible Idea This Compelling. A+ Work

Image source: Michael B. Klein

#17 Upon First Glance I Honestly Thought This Was A Bunch Of Microwaves On Someone’s Lawn. Scout’s Honor

Image source: Matthew Litwin

#18 Haha

Image source: Mitchell Matorin

#19 DIY Tip: Get This Lovely Faux Finish Easily By Storing Dead Bodies In Your Attic

Image source: Alice Wolke

#20 Long Live The Queen!

Image source: Matt Troutner

People In This Facebook Group Are Sharing Hilariously Unfortunate Names Parents Actually Give Their Children, Here Are 20 Of The Worst Ones

Your name is special. It is the first thing others will note of you, and it will be the basis of how they will perceive you. You are known because of your name, whatever you do, whatever you will be remembered, it will be preserved in your name.

Therefore, the name must be remarkable, something that has some hidden reason behind it. From what or whom were you named? Is it from both of your parents’ names combined? Is it because of your mom’s favorite place? Or maybe your dad’s childhood friend? I’m pretty sure it holds something significant.

However, the question of “What or who were you named after?” will turn into “What were your parents thinking?” once you’ve seen these truly bizarre and literally unique names that no one has ever been named before.

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Image source: SarahAnn Bibb


Image source: Mallory Kuykendall


Image source: Beth Askvig


Image source: Group member


Image source: Group member


Image source: Hadley Ritter


Image source: Kathleen Huebner Olson


Image source: Tina Corbin


Image source: Betty Elaine Mounce


Image source: Group member


Image source: Group member


Image source: Group member


Image source: Rachel Amman


Image source: Group member


Image source: Lorna Marie Ní Bhriain


Image source: Nikki Nik


Image source: Katie Hare


Image source: Jessie Erin Smith-Reese


Image source: Ashlyn Dewlen


Image source: Cassi Apple

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