This Sand Artist Makes Incredibly Realistic Sculptures of Animals

Art plays tricks with our minds in some of the most non-expected ways. Particularly, it helps us see beyond what meets the eye. Everything we once thought impossible, becomes possible and vice versa. And although there are a lot of art types, one that really plays tricks with our mind is a sculpture. Andoni Bastarrika, a gifted artist from Spain, loves to build sand sculptures on the beach. The man sculpts incredibly realistic sand animals that look like they’re going to stand up and walk away any minute.

Although this artist doesn’t limit his creations to animals, he takes particular inspiration from the freedom and power that animals symbolize for him. In fact, making a sand mermaid for his daughters was what set him on this particular path more than a decade ago. Additionally, after he is finished with his work, he posts photos of the completed masterpieces on his Instagram. His sculptures are so detailed, it’s hard to believe they’re not real. You truly need to stop and think of the logic that goes behind that artwork the moment you see it.

Bastarrika said in a Facebook post. “The reason why I like to make animal sculptures, one among many, is because animals are free spirits, even if we the unconscious have them locked up. They are unique, beautiful, and carriers of great wisdom, so that humans can reflect and learn from them.”

Scroll down to see more realistic sand sculptures by Bastarrika. Also, follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest creations!

More info: Instagram | Facebook

#1 Artist Andoni Bastarrika creates amazing sand sculptures of animals.

#2 His sand sculptures capture the power and freedom of his animal subjects


































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Photographer Focuses His Camera on Squirrels to Capture Their Emotions, and the Results Are Adorable

Photographing squirrels isn’t an easy task. Whenever they feel threatened by the presence of humans, they start running with all they got. However, Johnny Kääpä has dedicated most of his time to do that and has managed to pull out some incredible shots. Johhny has been photographing squirrels for a couple of years. What he looks for in a photograph is the feeling it gives out. Now dealing with squirrels it can be quite challenging to be able to capture their emotions, but this talented photographer didn’t fail to serve.

“I have no idea if the squirrels have a lot of emotions, except hunger, fear, and sleep, but I would like to think they do. And I always look for pictures that seem to express those feelings,” said the photographer. He had taken thousands of shots and it’s hard to select some out of his collection. His love for squirrels and photography got to other people as well, where so far he counts 17.8k followers who support his work.

We managed to make a collection with some of the most recent images he has shared. Scroll down below to check it out and enjoy!































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