Herds of Life-sized Elephant Sculptures Outside Buckingham Palace to Promote Co-existence of Humans and Animals

Truly indeed, elephants are the largest existing land mammals on Earth. And as a result, they require large areas of land, with food and water, in order to survive. As human populations have grown around the world, elephant populations have significantly decreased due to rapid habitat loss and human-elephant conflict. For this reason, Elephant Family and The Real Elephant Collective have partnered to launch CoExistence. In other words, it is an environmental art installation of 100 life-sized lantana elephant sculptures that are making their way across the globe. Significantly, these sculptures have gone on display in front of Buckingham Palace.

And although in the past we’ve seen small numbers of bronze elephants take up residence in Spitalfields, these life-sized herds are a bit more eye-catching. They’re incredible to look at, but are not just there for our viewing pleasure. Instead they’re meant to share an important message, encouraging us to live peacefully alongside animals on a planet that’s continuously losing space. So, you might be lucky enough to glimpse a herd of elephants if you ever go on a safari. But if you’re heading into Central London you’re in for a surprise.

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#1 The display of elephant sculptures in front of the Mall, with Buckingham Palace seen in the background.

#2 They were installed by Elephant Family as part of the CoExistence campaign.

#3 Each of the sculptures are modelled on a real life elephant counterpart and made from lantana.

#4 The elephants are here to tell their story about the inspiring ways we can co-exist with all the other living beings that make our world magical.

#5 The sculptures are in sale for between £6,000 for a calf and £30,000 for a full grown elephant following a tour around London’s parks.

#6 All proceeds will go to the work of Elephant Family, including securement of wildlife corridors to enable safe movement for animals and people.

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“I Need References To Transcribe The World Around Me”: Photographer Goes Viral After Calling Out Prize-Winning Student For Stealing Her And Others’ Work

There’s a thin line between inspiration and full-on copying. Although music and movies are two of the most well-known forms of entertainment that suffer the most from copyright infringement, plagiarism is not so uncommon in the art world as well.

Recently, a famous photographer Jingna Zhang, better known as “zemotion,” suffered copyright infringement and posted about it on Twitter. The woman posted a tweet saying that some artist ripped off her photograph from a cover shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam to make his oil pointing. The unoriginal painting also won a cash prize and was exhibited at Luxembourg’s Strassen Stroossen Culture Center.

The photographer posted a series of tweets explaining the entire situation. The oil painting by artist Jeff Dieschburg is almost identical to zemotion’s photograph. In addition, it appears that it was not the first time artist full-on plagiarised someone’s work. Below you’ll find the series of tweets that Jingna Zhang has posted and some spot-on reactions from Twitter users.

More info: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Jingna Zhang, in the photography world better known as “zemotion,” recently had her work blatantly copied and raised this issue on Twitter

Image credits: zemotion

The artist Jeff Dieschburg made an oil painting that looked almost identical to zemotion’s photograph from a cover shoot she did in 2017

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Artist’s unoriginal work was featured in an exhibition and also won a cash prize

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

The photographer also shared screenshots of the artist’s very peculiar understanding of where the line between inspiration and copying lies

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: artfinder

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Turns out, this wasn’t the first time that the artist has copied someone’s work with only little alterations

Image credits: zemotion

Luxembourg art student even hired a lawyer 

Image credits: zemotion

The unoriginal work is priced at €6,500

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Zhang’s photo from a cover shoot has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and is widely recognized

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Image credits: zemotion

Twitter users also went ahead and voiced their reactions to the plagiarism of Zhang’s photo

Image credits: sa_sh_26

Image credits: emanshiu

Image credits: tdmigs_

Image credits: kexmoment

Image credits: njed_todd

Image credits: itsbanhmi

Image credits: AzahCrypto

Image credits: zaleraxii

Image credits: PipSqueakMouse

Image credits: MG124c41

Image credits: danekez

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