20 Incredibly Crocheted Pieces People Shared in This Crochet Lovers Online Community

A lot of us grew up watching our mother or grandmother crochet. It’s admiring to see the patience one dedicates to that piece of art one is creating. The whole process looks very mind-calming. That’s probably why a lot of people have shown great interest in crocheting. Some do it as a hobby only, some make a living out of it. Whatever the case, there are a lot of great people out there who do an amazing job. A lot of them have shared their masterpieces at r/crochet subreddit.

This online community is home to 258k people. If you dig in this subreddit you will find some of the greatest crochet pieces that will make you fall in love with crocheting.

We here at Earthwonders absolutely love their work, that’s why we compiled a list of the most famous images they shared. Scroll down below to check out these incredible crochet pieces, and make sure to upvote your favorite one.

1. I think I invented a new blanket!


2. I made my very first crochet dress. At first I was making a shirt, but I tweaked the pattern a little and ended up with this. Hopefully the first of many..


3. This blanket pulled me in like nothing else – I finished it in just 8 days and can’t believe I made it!


4. Ladies in my village in southern Spain crochet and hang these over this street.


5. I made my old girl a sofa, to people watch from.


6. Finally finished this sunset-colored cat blanket!! Thank you so much to this community for helping me along the way!!


7. My mom crochets and donated 31 blankets to sick children this year.


8. I’m happy to show you my new sheep design. I don’t really like to make clothes for toys but this fur coat had been made in one breath, as the sheep itself. P.s. The coat hanger in the photo also deserves the attention, it made by my husband special for the sheep


9. I finished one more skirt. The most beloved skirt in my studio and the customers love it. What do you think?


10. To say I am proud is the understatement of the millennium


11. My SIL loves Jeff Goldblum so I crocheted her a blanket as a surprise.


12. You asked to see how it looks on….this is it…..for those who asked for the pattern, I didn’t use one…I made it by looking at a picture and trying to recreate it. But I will try to write a pattern and share.


13. The crew…


14. I made a shark its not the best but I’m 14 and I tried


15. Finally finished my sunflower blanket after about 3 years… simply sunburst granny squares with a flat braid join


16. My Persian Tiles blanket won first place in a crochet blanket competition!


17. My wife makes lovely crochet animals. At the moment she is not on a high with self confidence so I want to show her that her work is not only liked by our kids and myself.


18. It nearly cost me my sanity, but my scale dress is finally complete!


19. I’m so proud of these but it’s 100° out


20. I designed this cardigan for my little girl.


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