20 Incredible Levitating Sculptures That Will Play Tricks With Your Mind

Art plays with our minds in some of the most indescribable ways. It helps us see beyond what meets the eye. Art really moves you, it challenges you, your beliefs, and prejudices. Everything you once thought impossible, becomes possible and vice versa.

There are a lot of mediums that let us express our artistic concepts, however, one that really plays tricks with our mind is a sculpture. There is a specific list of sculptures we want to highlight here today. We are talking about sculptures that challenge the whole knowledge we’ve gathered so far about gravity. You really need to stop and think of the logic that goes behind that artwork the moment you see it.

We don’t really need to say much, since art speaks for itself. Therefore, scroll down below to see these amazing gravity-defying sculptures. One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to scroll down below without taking a second look closely. As you’re checking them out, don’t forget to upvote your favorite piece that blows your mind away.

1. Wursa By Daniel Firman

Daniel Firman

2. Les Voyageurs By Bruno Catalano

Bruno Catalano

3. Window With Ladder – Too Late For Help By Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich

4.Balancing Sculptures By Jerzy Kędziora

Jerzy Kędziora

5. Michael Jones Sculpture By Jerzy Kędziora

Natalie Stamilla

6. The Virgins Of Apeldoorn By Elisabet Stienstra

Elisabet Stienstra

7.  The Force Of Nature By Lorenzo Quinn

Lorenzo Quinn

8. Planet by Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn

9. Wire Fairies By Robin Wight

Robin Wight

10.Floating Stone By Smaban Abbas

Smaban Abbas


Jerzy Kedziora

12. Take My Lighting But Don’t Steal My Thunder By Alex Chinneck

Alex Chinneck

13. Monte-meubles L’ultime Déménagement by Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich

14. Wurf VI By Anna Borgman And Candy Lenk

Anna Borgman and Candy Lenk

15. Hyper-Realistic Illusions Carved Out Of Wood By Tom Eckert

Tom Eckert

16.  Car Sculptures By Gerry Judah

Gerry Judah

17.  Abedo By Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora

18. Suspended By Menashe Kadishman

Menashe Kadishman,myraganella

19. Coffee Kiss By Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang

20. Book Sculptures By Alicia Martin

Alicia Martin

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Innocent Children’s Coloring Book Turned Evil by Adults on This Group

Coloring books can be very meditative and fun. as a kid, we always played with them as our parents always bought them for us. Because somehow it enhances the children’s imagination and of course our parents wanted to keep us quiet for a few hours. without us doing our naughty things. However, I bet for each and every one of you out there coloring books remains one of the most favorite things to do.

Although this subreddit group thought differently. They created a group and named it corrupting children’s coloring books.

What they do is turning children’s color books into some salty jokes, let’s say more into an adult one.

These artists have taken cartoon images and corrupted them into malevolent yet hilarious versions instead. Although some are pretty gnarly, you have to admire the artists’ creative skill at adapting the templates. If this isn’t also art I don’t know what to tell you.

But to judge for yourself keep scrolling and write us in the comments which one is the most hilarious of all…

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