April 23, 2021

People Repaint Old Paintings and the Results Are Amazing

Online communities are turning out to be the most helpful during this time of quarantine. You can find literally anything and anyone just with a little search. People with all kinds of interests will find their passions here, and one of these passions we’ve decided to share today is painting. For all of you art lovers out there, we have found one of the best online communities to share ideas with.

The ‘Repaintings’ subreddit is the place where people share their painting skills while repainting over an old painting they’ve found. You can get old paintings basically everywhere, thrift shops, secondhand shops, garage sales, or even garbage, just make sure they are in a good condition to paint on. After that, just add your imagination to it and you’re good to go.

Some people can be very creative when it comes to adding their own personal touch into something, and the best thing they’ve done is share their work with people all over the world. This is the best way to learn from each other, even though we’re not there physically for a good lesson. Earthwonders has decided to bring this artistry of people closer to you by collecting some of the finest recreations in the gallery below.

Scroll down to see this incredible art and get inspired for your next masterpiece.

1. Latest thrift store painting. (Would have been better next to a jar of pickles but you gotta work with what the thrift store provides) 


2. Still working at our beloved Bob. A friend gave me the Bob Ross action figure.


3. Recent Efforts finally completed and framed. Enjoy!


4. Made something weird


5. Rest In Peace Jesus you would’ve loved World of Warcraft


6. “Cheer up emo kid” … Instead of a toy all that Bonney Anne got from her Happy Meal was a good dose of existential dread.


7. My favorite scene from the studio’s Ghibli Ponyo. Forgot to take a before picture but pretty much the top half is how it started out. Honestly, this painting makes me smile so much. I love the film


8. Does this count? I repainted an old wooden Mary carving into this night goddess. Done with acrylics & UV paint!


9. He Relocates Sea Life


10. I did my first repainting recently!


11. “Invasion” my first time


12. Better pictures of last night’s repainting project. Napoleon Dynamite was my 14yo’s idea.


13. I’m Going on an Adventure! Isn’t that what we’re all longing to do? The Shire is lovely but I’m ready for a change


14. Repainted-Thrift-Store-Paintings


15. All Work And No Play – I Had A Lot Of Fun Painting This One!


16. Thrift And Drift


17. Unsolved Mystery


18. I Had Planned On Adding Buzz Lightyear But Was Persuaded To Add Alice Instead. I Think She Was The Right Choice


19. I Bought A Print From A Thrift Store And Felt Like It Needed A Cat!


20. A Repaint I Finished A Few Days Ago – I Auctioned It To Raise Money For The Hunger Project.