Photographer Invites Illustrators to Edit His Portraits in Their Own Style, and the Results Are Amazing

Meet Mathieu Stern, an experimental photographer who’s passionate about testing new ways to shoot portraits using weird lenses, DIY lenses, or vintage lenses adapted to modern cameras. He uses the natural world and the way mankind interacts with the planet and its inhabitants as the biggest inspiration.

Mathieu is the person behind these unique portrait shots, but what makes his work even more special is the collaboration he did with other illustrators to redraw his portraits in their own unique way.

” I saw a #drawthisinyourownstylechallenge on Instagram, but it was only for inviting illustrators to redraw other illustrators’ art in their own style. I loved the concept and I told myself it could be amazing to have illustrators do the same thing but with portrait photography. So I selected my favorite illustrators and contacted them to ask them to participate, and because the general feedback on my project was very positive, I managed to motivate 16 illustrators to participate,” said the photographer when reached out by Earthwonders. 

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Marta García Navarro

Mathieu shared with us his working process from the moment he finds the right model for the photoshoot to the finished results: “For the majority of my work I start with a concept sketch on paper, then I try to find a model that has the same vibes as what I want to communicate in this portrait. I find most of my models on Instagram or Facebook, It’s important for me to work with people that understand this is going to be different than your normal “photoshoot” and that the results are going to be “weird”. I spend a lot of time on Photoshop working on the final photos and then share the final results on my YouTube Channel and Instagram,” explained the photographer.

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Sophal R. Lay

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Halil Şimşek

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Meybis Ruiz Cruz

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Gina Nguyen

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by E.M. Engel

          Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Li

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Loane

Left: Portrait by Mathieu Stern | Right: Art by Ali

Besides portraits, the artist shared with us also a photographic experiment, an example of that you can see in the video below:

Innocent Children’s Coloring Book Turned Evil by Adults on This Group

Coloring books can be very meditative and fun. as a kid, we always played with them as our parents always bought them for us. Because somehow it enhances the children’s imagination and of course our parents wanted to keep us quiet for a few hours. without us doing our naughty things. However, I bet for each and every one of you out there coloring books remains one of the most favorite things to do.

Although this subreddit group thought differently. They created a group and named it corrupting children’s coloring books.

What they do is turning children’s color books into some salty jokes, let’s say more into an adult one.

These artists have taken cartoon images and corrupted them into malevolent yet hilarious versions instead. Although some are pretty gnarly, you have to admire the artists’ creative skill at adapting the templates. If this isn’t also art I don’t know what to tell you.

But to judge for yourself keep scrolling and write us in the comments which one is the most hilarious of all…

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