30 Times People Made Something Really Cool And Just Had To Share It In This Online Group

Don’t you just love arts and crafts? When you do your craft, it’s like putting together your passion, your inspiration, and your skill into this one piece that radiates those three. In the end, what you have is an admirable representation of your prowess.

And these 30 folks from Something I Made subreddit would love to agree. The subreddit is known to be dedicated to personal crafts worth sharing, hence the name. In this article, we compiled their works into this some sort of vertical digital museum. So feast your eyes with these masterpieces these crafty people created!

Have you done something before that you’re still proud of today? Flex them in the comments!

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#1 A Feltart Embroidery Of Spirited Away Train Scene That I Made, Trying To Build A Wall Of Ghibli Feltart For Myself

Image source: heartfeItloves

#2 Painting I Did Like Looking Through The Rainy Window Of A Car

Image source: jer_088

#3 One Of My Favorite Rings I’ve Made

Image source: magick_alchemy

#4 The Diamond Engagement Ring I Made For My (Hopefully) Soon To Be Fiancée. In 18k Rose Gold

Image source: Mercury-Hg80

#5 “Holding Hands” Silver Ring Made By Me

Image source: Hendrix0

#6 Candy Corn Ghost! A Happy Little Experiment!

Image source: allisaur_

#7 I Made These Ceramic Ghost Buddies With Tea Lights!

Image source: happyclaypot

#8 A Painting I Did For My Fiancé. It’s Him And His Oldest Son

Image source: DarkAndraRivers

#9 I Preserve And Frame Spiderwebs!

Image source: wickednympet

#10 I Made Cellular Biology Stained Glass To Hang Behind Me For My Work Zoom Calls

Image source: Greenwing

#11 Finally Completed The Mosaic In My Mom’s Shower! 5000 Individually Cut Tiles And A Year Of Work

Image source: artguydeluxe

#12 I Handcut Playing Cards Into 3D Art Using An Xacto Knife

Image source: DoctorPaulGregory

#13 I Did A Shirt! This Is The 3rd One I’ve Made And I’m Super Pleased With How It Turned Out, Despite The Wobbly Top-Stitching On The Pocket

Image source: Dudderz_

#14 I Made These Huge Paintings For My First Solo Exhibition

Image source: KingSteven11

#15 I Made A Portrait By Smashing Glass!

Image source: NiallShukla

#16 One Of My Works About Humpback Whales

Image source: AmoyCK

#17 I Made This Pumpkin Kitty Out Of Polymer Clay. I Wanted It To Look Like He Was Wearing A Costume And I Think It Turned Out So Cute!

Image source:  rebekkacaptures

#18 S’more Making Dinosaur! What Should We Name It?

Image source: Ashley_b_making

#19 A Mailbox I’m Building. Steel And Copper

Image source: sludgefudge

#20 Pencil Portrait I Drew Few Weeks Ago. (Pencils On Paper)

Image source: fojteflon

#21 Some Of My Favourite Hand Embroidered Landscapes

Image source: jadeillustrates

#22 I Designed A 3D Printed Mirror Array To Propose! The Mirrors Are Angled So That Just Before Sunset, They Reflect The Sunlight To Spell “Marry Me?”

Image source: bencbartlett

#23 Beaded Pin Inspired By Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring

Image source: chaevskaya

#24 I Made Some Cloud Pendants!

Image source: wintersky__

#25 A Mug I Made A Little While Ago

Image source: corduroyanddenim

#26 Wife Wanted A Greenhouse. Repurposed Wood And Windows

Image source: Jbruno08

#27 Incense Burner I Made For My Girlfriend

Image source: naaiiilllll

#28 Latest Finish, Wild Thing Denim Vest! About 6 Months Of Work

Image source: FaerieBomb

#29 I Won First Place At The Fair This Weekend For My Cross Stitch!

Image source: Andromeda321

#30 A Leather Bag I Made

Image source: LW_leatherwork

Graduates At Kyoto University Are Allowed To Put On Any Outfit To Receive Diploma, And Here Are 20 Pics Of Their Best Apparel

What comes to your mind when you see or hear the word “graduation”? You might think of students sporting all black, with mortarboards and graduation gowns. Perhaps, you’ll also imagine them falling in line, waiting for their names to be called to receive their diploma.

But that’s boring! Most graduations in the world are so monotonous that they’re quite predictable. So the folks out there at the University of Kyoto decided to put a twist on their graduation rites by allowing their students to dress up however they like. The results? Well, if we hadn’t told you the context, you would think they’re Halloween costume parties! Scroll down below to see the most extravagant costumes these students students wore to their graduation!

More info: University of Kyoto


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: @kyodai360


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto University


Image source: Kyoto University


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto University


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: @kyodai360


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts

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