30 Times Crafty People Not Only Had Amazing Ideas, But Also Great Execution, As Shared On This Group

Making art is not just about doing the best you can to create your craft artistically. Execution is just a part of the process. Creativity is also a factor that, when perfectly combined with execution, is capable of creating a majestic masterpiece.

To show this, we headed over to the Craft Projects subreddit. There, people post the crafts that they are so proud of, and people love them as well. Below, you’ll find the best 30 crafts presented in the community, and they go to show that perfectly-executed creativity can create beautiful crafts!

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#1 I Created This Design For My Friends

Image source: imolha

#2 My Kid’s Theatre Teacher Asked For Fake Food For Their Play, And Fake Food They Shall Have!

Image source: razzelledazzle

#3 This Embroidery I Made Is Dedicated To Us, Procrastinators

Image source: rebordacao

#4 Been Wanting To Do This Guy For A While And I Think It’s My Favorite Piece Of Glass I’ve Done So Far

Image source: kazoo3179

#5 I Made A 7ft Long Octopus Plushy. He’s Called Octopus Prime, And He’s The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Made This Year

Image source: goodpigeon

#6 My Paper Peony And A Real One

Image source: trivium1234

#7 Bird Embroidery On Tulle Featuring Barbed Wire. 12″ Hoop

Image source: Bethcarrollart

#8 Made This From Some Plastic Bags And Old Wires

Image source: klm_wtf

#9 Girl With A Pearl Earring

Image source: Unique-Blacksmith873

#10 My Favorite Time Of Year Is Almost Here. Always Woodburned By Hand, Never Laser!

Image source: misscareer

#11 I Thought I’d Share This Little Polar Bear Pot I Made Out Of Porcelain!

Image source: everyonelse

#12 My Mother Is Too Shy To Post, So I’m Posting Some Pictures Of Her Mini House – The Kitchen

Image source: EarthcitizenA

#13 Shark Night Light Made By Me!

Image source: AmoyCK

#14 Needle Felted Fruit Bat, One Of My Most Recent Woolen Miniatures

Image source: y_fedorova

#15 I’ve Been Making Brooms For The Past Roughly 3 Months And I Just Made My First Double/Wedding Broom

Image source: goldfishgwen

#16 I Made A Harry Potter (Chamber Of Secerets) Themed Ring With A Set Moissanite. Let Me Know What You Think!

Image source: Boxhead2424

#17 Someone Recently Called Me Bob Floss

Image source: jadeillustrates

#18 This Is My First Wooden Ring On Which I Have Worked Long Enough

Image source: Vivaldi_Antonio

#19 I Crocheted A Parasol

Image source: iamacraftyhooker

#20 Made A Red Cardinal From Wool. I Think It Turned Out Pretty Well

Image source: FeltedBird

#21 3 Years Of Progress With My Ceramics! Can’t Wait To See What This Will Look Like In The Next 3 Years

Image source: everyonelse

#22 Something Different To Top My Tree This Year. I Wonder If My Relatives Will Notice

Image source: tabloach

#23 I Created Stained Glass Versions Of Origami Paper Boats

Image source: ilovedactyles

#24 I Made A Baby Mobile For My Spooooky Friend

Image source: kerrietaldwell

#25 Needle Felted Dog Miniature

Image source: Marysiowe_Misie

#26 I Made An Oil Painting Showing How It Felt To Lose My Dog Of 15 Years

Image source: tinytinatuna2

#27 Made A Corset And Didn’t Have Anyone To Share It With So I Hope Someone Enjoys!

Image source: black_sunflower610

#28 I Have Been Making Glass Figures For Several Years Now. I Want To Share This Spider With You, What Do You Think?

Image source: Nikita_GlassSymphony

#29 I Made This Cactus Coasters Set With Leather For My Aunt’s Birthday. Do You Think The Flower Pot Is A Bit Too Wide At The Base To Be Somewhat Realistic?

Image source: taod86

#30 Lighthouse Keeper Bjorn And His Friend A Seagull Named Bert

Image source: Dunaeva13

Graduates At Kyoto University Are Allowed To Put On Any Outfit To Receive Diploma, And Here Are 20 Pics Of Their Best Apparel

What comes to your mind when you see or hear the word “graduation”? You might think of students sporting all black, with mortarboards and graduation gowns. Perhaps, you’ll also imagine them falling in line, waiting for their names to be called to receive their diploma.

But that’s boring! Most graduations in the world are so monotonous that they’re quite predictable. So the folks out there at the University of Kyoto decided to put a twist on their graduation rites by allowing their students to dress up however they like. The results? Well, if we hadn’t told you the context, you would think they’re Halloween costume parties! Scroll down below to see the most extravagant costumes these students students wore to their graduation!

More info: University of Kyoto


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: @kyodai360


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto University


Image source: Kyoto University


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto University


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: @kyodai360


Image source: minPD0309


Image source: Kyoto City University of Arts

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