20 Times Redesigns Were So Pointless Or Bad, They Deserved To Be Shamed On This Online Group

Redesigns are necessary for everything in the long run. They prevent things from looking too outdated, and of course, they also improve performances. Look at the new Mississippi state flag, it looks new, fresh, and no longer outdated. Look at social media platforms nowadays, like Youtube and Facebook, they are easier to understand, navigate, and use, than they were like on 2008, thanks to redesigns.

However, just like any attempt to improve things, redesigns have two outcomes. Either things will look better or look worse. Below, we’ll look at the latter as we compiled 20 redesigns that people hated and shamed online.

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#1 I Can’t Believe They Just Did That

Image source: RedditSlayer527

#2 Burger King Was Another Victim Of The 90s Redesigns

Image source: imgur.com

#3 It’s Soulless, Fits Cia Perfectly

Image source: reddit.com

#4 Look How They Massacred The Google Photos Icon

Image source: random___pictures1

#5 What Will Be Next ? It’ll Finish The Circle ? Nothing Is Going Right With The New Logo

Image source: Stephanoi_Gamer

#6 Formula 1. I Understand Why They Changed It, But Dammit, The Old Logo Was Iconic!

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Developer Downgrade

Image source: ItsDaDoc

#8 This Is By Far The Worst Redesign I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: JLirl

#9 How The Mighty Have Fallen

Image source: SevenSevenSeve777

#10 Look How They Massacred Pringles Logo

Image source: stayedfished123

#11 What The Actual Fawk??

Image source: Ovitsbole

#12 So Will The Films Get More Simplified?

Image source: Stephanoi_Gamer

#13 Thousands Of Cgi Assets Wasted In One Fell Swoop

Image source: The_BackOfMyMind

#14 A Pointless Redesign

Image source: apieber81

#15 The New Intel Logo Is So Boring

Image source: TheGreenGobblr

#16 Well This Is Lame

Image source: EthanIceWaffle

#17 Just Why ? (Porky Pig)

Image source: _himo88

#18 Ruh-Roh!

Image source: Red_Leader_2020

#19 Heroes In The Half-Shell To Whatever This Is

Image source: neogeo5185

#20 Virgin Cgi Bob vs. Chad Clay-Mation Bob

Image source: aPingapongball

Man Recreated The Appearance Of “The Lord Of The Rings” Characters According To Their Original Descriptions (5 Pics)

Truth be told, writers take the time and utmost precision to describe their characters. Of course, their readers must have an exact mental image in their head rather than have them imagining and guessing what the character looks like. It’s a part of writing that is useful for the audience.

However, when movie industries read novels, they’ll most often ditch these descriptions to the trash and deem them unnecessary. They would just often go with the actor that would go well with the character, disregarding how the author wanted their character to be. And that’s where the artist Ivan Rebikow comes in. Below, he reimagined 5 Lord of the Rings characters based on Tolkien’s descriptions in the books. Scroll down below and see how much has changed!

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Image credits: ivanrebikovnow

Sauron in the movie

Sauron is the primary antagonist of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, where he rules the land of Mordor and has the ambition of ruling the whole of Middle-earth.


Image credits: ivanrebikovnow

Frodo in the movie

Frodo Baggins is one of the protagonists in The Lord of the Rings. He is a hobbit of the Shire who inherits the One Ring from his cousin and undertakes the quest to destroy it in the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor.


Image credits: ivanrebikovnow

Gandalf in the movie

Gandalf, later known as Gandalf the White, and originally named Olórin, is a protagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

He is an Istar (Wizard) and the leader of the Fellowship of the Ring.


Image credits: ivanrebikovnow

Gimli in the movie

Gimli is a Dwarf of the House of Durin and a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. He is a dwarf warrior, the son of Glóin, who fought alongside Elves in the War of the Ring against Sauron at the end of the Third Age.


Image credits: ivanrebikovnow

Balrog in the movie

A Balrog is a powerful demonic monster in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

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