This Italian Yarn Artist Has Created a Stunning Crocheted Aquarium

Have you ever dreamt of having an aquarium filled with the most colorful and cool sea creatures as a kid? Maybe you were inspired after watching Finding Nemo, swearing you would never treat your sea friends the way Darla did. If an aquarium is still on your mind, you can have your own out of crochet sea creatures, from this well-known Italian yarn artist.

Lindadi of Le Creazioni Di Lindadi has created an incredibly detailed aquarium featuring underwater creatures all made out of crocheted yarn, including various fish, a pink jellyfish, a blue octopus, orange coral, a tiny green turtle, several pale seahorses, two pink crabs, and green seagrass. She sells some of her art online here.

She kindly provided some information: “My name is Linda Di Martino, I live in Abruzzo, Italy. I am a simple 59-year-old housewife who has always been passionate about crochet (and) lace. About 10 years ago, I have entered the world of internet and Facebook. I met many crochet enthusiasts and shared many works and ideas.

She also added that around 2012 she joined a group that would make various handicrafts as a hobby and would sell them at markets and proudly told us about a project she’s been involved a year ago where her and a group of crocheters “covered the garbage pails of the driveway of their country”. The group behind the project is “L’ Accademia di Aracne” (The Academy of Arachne).

For the hobby markets last summer I created small aquariums at that point, the marine world was whipping in my head. For 25 years we have always had an aquarium with fish at home … very demanding to clean and maintain. Unfortunately, in the spring I lost my husband. So during the last summer, the aquarium remained so, like my life, meaningless. The fish started to die, so one day looking at him I said “when the last fish dies, I will do it all in crochet, I will leave a nice memory of me to the children, not a commitment to stay behind. On Christmas days the last fish was dead. I started to empty it and clean everything, gravel, amphorae, stones, etc.” Linda said that she had no favorite piece, all of them are beautiful and colorful: “I am always amazed when I look at it, what I managed to achieve.

The artist also said that her relatives very really impressed with her work and can’t wait to come to see it once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

For more of Linda’s art: InstagramFacebookShop h/t: laughingsquid


Innocent Children’s Coloring Book Turned Evil by Adults on This Group

Coloring books can be very meditative and fun. as a kid, we always played with them as our parents always bought them for us. Because somehow it enhances the children’s imagination and of course our parents wanted to keep us quiet for a few hours. without us doing our naughty things. However, I bet for each and every one of you out there coloring books remains one of the most favorite things to do.

Although this subreddit group thought differently. They created a group and named it corrupting children’s coloring books.

What they do is turning children’s color books into some salty jokes, let’s say more into an adult one.

These artists have taken cartoon images and corrupted them into malevolent yet hilarious versions instead. Although some are pretty gnarly, you have to admire the artists’ creative skill at adapting the templates. If this isn’t also art I don’t know what to tell you.

But to judge for yourself keep scrolling and write us in the comments which one is the most hilarious of all…

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