30 Tweets That Sum Up The Public Opinion About What Amber Heard Said When It Came Her Turn To Testify

The fifth week of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court trial gave rise to many memes and reactions on Twitter.  People who are heavily invested in this case probably already know that Amber Heard just finished her testimony and what happened during the testimony.

Amber was questioned for four days by Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez and her own lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft. Camille Vasquez gained lots of love and respect from Johnny’s fans for fiercely hitting Amber with the right questions, while Amber Heard’s testimony didn’t seem to impress anyone and people called her a liar. Scroll below to see some public opinion that popped up after her testimony ended.


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People Post Their Reactions To Elon Musk’s Daughter Fully Cutting Ties With Her Father After Coming Out As Transgender (14 posts)

Elon Musk can’t stay away from drama, can’t he? With the Twitter takeover, all Tesla employees have to return to the office drama, involvement in the Amber Heard case, and now this… this is the life of the rich and famous, we suppose. Entertaining for us? Yes. Much fun for him? Not really.

Those who’ve been following the news already know that one of Musk’s children filed the paperwork required for a name change, recognition of a change of gender, and the issuance of a new birth certificate. The teenager filed the paperwork with a Santa Monica court in April, shortly after her birthday.

“Gender identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form,” was the official reason the teenager stated in a petition. Billionaire and Justine Wilson’s daughter decided to legally change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, adopting her mother’s previous last name, ultimately cutting ties with her biological father, Elon Musk.

Reactions to and discussions about this entire situation have been flooding the internet. To see how the whole situation played out, scroll below and leave a comment with your own thoughts.

More info: Twitter

Elon Musk’s daughter revealed she identifies as a trans woman in a name change application she filed in April

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As she adopts her mother Justine Musk’s maiden name, she will now go by Vivian Jenna Wilson

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The reason for the petition was shared online along with the official document

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Image credits: KnowNothingTV

While Musk has not yet reacted, he has tweeted some transphobic remarks in the recent past

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People began criticizing Musk for his transphobia, and this is what they had to say about it

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Some Twitter users responded to those who had criticized Vivian for her actions

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Others offered unconditional support to the 18-year-old

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