This Artist Wanted To Know How 20 Famous People Who Passed Away Too Soon Would Look Today, So He Used A.I. To Get The Answer

For the Grim Reaper, everyone is equal: famous or not, rich or poor, healthy or sickly. Just like ordinary people pass away from cancer or fatal accidents and illnesses, so do the rich and famous. And over the years, many goodbyes have been said to well-known and beloved public figures from the entertainment industry.

To reminisce over those who’ve gone too soon, artist Hidreley Leli Dião decided to invoke modern technologies and reinterpret what these people would look like today. Hidreley used artificial intelligence software to recreate some of the world’s most famous people as older versions of themselves.

Scroll below to see what these famous people would look like in 2022 if they were still alive. If you would like to see more of Hidreley’s A.I. recreations, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Kurt Cobain

Image source: hidreley

#2 Brian Jones

Image source: hidreley

#3 Bobby Darin

Image source: hidreley

#4 Prince Rogers Nelson

Image source: hidreley

#5 Diana, Princess Of Wales

Image source: hidreley

#6 Elvis Presley

Image source: hidreley

#7 Anne Frank

Image source: hidreley

#8 Jayne Mansfield

Image source: hidreley

#9 Tupac Shakur

Image source: hidreley

#10 Robin Williams

Image source: hidreley

#11 Michael Clarke Duncan

Image source: hidreley

#12 Michael Jackson

Image source: hidreley

#13 Jeff Buckley

Image source: hidreley

#14 Amy Winehouse

Image source: hidreley

#15 Dennis Wilson

Image source: hidreley

#16 Jonathan Brandis

Image source: hidreley

#17 Marilyn Monroe

Image source: hidreley

#18 Keith Moon

Image source: hidreley

#19 Cory Monteith

Image source: hidreley

#20 Heather O’Rourke (The Little Girl From The Movie “Poltergeist)

Image source: hidreley

20 Authentic And Unfiltered Photos Of Famous Celebrities

It doesn’t come as a surprise knowing our favorite celebrities undergo a lot of makeup and other beautification procedures before facing the camera. Before any project that they would do, we would expect them to face a mirror with some people around them applying all sorts of beauty stuff while being illuminated by a ring light nearby.

But what would come out as a surprise would be seeing these people without makeup or even app filters. So today, we will present the natural looks of celebrities, oftentimes concealed by makeup. Below, you’ll meet 20 celebrities in such a state. Who do you think is the most surprising?

#1 When Lady Gaga Posted This Photo Without Make Up On

Image source:  ladygaga

#2 Okay, Humidity

Image source: jenniferaniston

#3 Alexandra Daddario Posting Without Any Make Up

Image source: alexandradaddario

#4 When Lizzo Self-Appointed Herself As Our “Roll Model”

Image source: lizzobeeating

#5 Ashley Graham For Swimsuits For All

Image source: ashleygraham

#6 When Model Denise Bidot Gave Us This 2022 Motto “Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Rolls, Who Cares?”

Image source: denisebidot

#7 That’s A Wrap On #armaggedontime! What A Gem Of An Experience; Feeling Very Grateful To Everyone Involved

Image source: annehathaway

#8 When Zooey Deschanel Posted This Selfie Immediately After Rolling Out Of Bed

Image source: zooeydeschanel

#9 When Zendaya Posted This Side-By-Side Of Her Actual Body Compared With A Retouched One

Image source: zendaya

#10 Adele Without Make Up

Image source: adele

#11 When Helen Mirren Gave Us This Fresh-Faced Selfie “Literally First Thing In The Morning”

Image source: helenmirren

#12 When Salma Hayek Shared This No-Makeup Selfie And Praised Her “White Hair Of Wisdom”

Image source: salmahayek

#13 Verified Portrait Of A Hungover Woman Who Had Cake For Breakfast

Image source:  jessicabiel

#14 When Keke Palmer Shared — And Continued To Update Us On — Her Experience With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) And How It Affects Her Skin

Image source: keke

#15 When Katy Perry Posted This Selfie Right After She Gave Birth To Her Daughter, Daisy

Image source: katyperry

#16 When Selena Gomez Filmed This Tiktok And Said She Won’t Suck In Her Stomach

Image source: selenagomez

#17 When Lady Gaga Posted This Photo Of Herself Without Make Up

Image source: ladygaga

#18 When Ariana Grande Posted This No-Makeup Selfie Before Getting Ready For The Day

Image source: arianagrande

#19 Adele Celebrating With No Make Up On

Image source: adele

#20 When Model Iskra Lawrence Celebrated Her Cellulite And Rightfully Reclaimed It As “Cellulit”

Image source: iskra

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