30 People Share Their Celebrity Encounters That Were More Wholesome Than They Could’ve Expected

When we think of celebrities, we seldom think of them being close to the common people when they’re off-camera. Maybe we feel that they can no longer see us down here because they’ve climbed so high up on the social ladder. We have thought that they’d just snob us when we meet them in the streets.

However, these 30 folks from this Reddit thread would love to disagree! They have shared their personal encounters with some famous personalities, and it turned out that they were wholesome and welcoming all along. Below, you’ll see who these people are and their kind attitude!

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I met Gordon Ramsay once at a book signing event, I was just walking around the area and ran into him on his free time. He was actually so nice and down to earth. Talked about food for a few minutes and how he’s liking his trip so far. Super nice guy and nothing like you see on his cooking shows


The Rock was nicer than I’d heard he was. Super chill, kind, and even signed a couple of autographs for me to give my sisters.

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I served on a jury with Robert Downey Jr., the case lasted about a week, he was the alternate juror but took copious notes and would happily chat with all of the fellow jurors during brakes. Very down to earth and pleasant guy.


Johnny Depp is an absolute sweetheart. Worked as a stand-in for one of his films and they had me sitting in bleachers in the pouring rain while they did light measures and such. They brought out Johnny and he sat beside me to do blocking. They had an umbrella over him and he asked why they didn’t have one for me. They shrugged and dismissed it, but Johnny took his umbrella and held it over us both and asked if I was warm enough. He was very kind.

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Brie Larson.

I met her at ACE Midwest in 2019 – the first convention she’d ever done. I stroll up to the booth to get a photo taken with her, carrying a Cosmic Cube prop. I asked her to to hold it, she did, and we took the photo. As I was leaving, she looked at the camera guy and said “Wait, I have an idea. Can we take that again?”.

Worth noting that photos with her were something like $200 a pop, and you almost never get a retake unless it’s REALLY bad, so for her to ask for a second photo was pretty incredible.

Anyway, we take the second photo, this time with her tossing the Cube into the air. It came out AWESOME, and is still one of my favorite photo op pictures. I showed it to her later while getting her autograph, and she gushed over it for a bit.

I get that it’s at a con, but she was genuinely nice, really does love her fans, and came across much warmer than I expected.


Daniel Radcliffe was genuinely nice. He actually asked us if we wanted a picture with him. Probably because he saw how star struck we were considering the odds of running into such a world renowned movie star in our city.

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I saw Keanu Reeves walking around LA a year ago and I asked for a picture. After the picture I said I like his shirt and he said he liked mine. I coincidentally had a bill and teds excellent adventure shirt on.


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Kristen Bell – one of the most sweetest, down to earth people you’ll ever meet.

I worked at a high end hotel spa and she came in on one of our most busiest weekends and was so patient. Most celebrities I encountered booked with aliases and through an assistant, she just called in on her own and booked as any other person would (this seems like the bare minimum, but I’ve had some super needy celebrity guests). She is also an EXTREMELY generous tipper. She is the exact person that she appears in tv interviews.


Tom Hiddleston. He was doing the press junket for Kong Island at the BBC and I was walking past on the way to work. I like his stuff so went over, got my phone out and said hello. We had a nice chat. Lovely guy. Bastard is better looking in real life than on screen.

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Nick Offerman is a gem of a human being. He came to my small college in an Illinois Suburb for a book tour thing and I was in an acapella group at the time and we were rehearsing in the building where he was doing the signing and he accidentally walked in on us and ended up staying to listen to a song, complimented us, hung out for 5 minutes and signed stuff for all of us. Super genuine, funny guy.


Also i recall a comedian being impressed when he met Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man has a bodyguard who has to stop him from talking to a single fan for too long, otherwise he would have never stopped on time for the rest of the fans to get their turn to speak to him.

Imagine being so nice to your fans that you need someone to stop you…

Edit: Gabriel Iglesias a.k.a. Fluffy is the name of the comedian

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I got to spend a few hours hanging out with Jon Stewart. It was my life goal to be interviewed by him on the daily show. Well I am more than happy to say that he is as kind, warm, hilarious, and personable as you could ever imagine. Easily one of the highlights of my life.


My dad was a waiter at a restaurant Leonard Nimoy (the original Spock) frequented back in the 80’s. He always tipped generously and even invited my dad to eat with him once. Overall a great guy. Heartbreaking to hear he died a few years ago

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Hugh Jackman.
He’s known for being nice but I didn’t expect him to be so genuine and actually keep the conversation going and to keep asking questions and showing interest. It must be exhausting considering how many people he meets every day, yet he is always on.


I met Liam Hemsworth at a supermarket in a small coastal town in Australia earlier this year. I almost didn’t even notice it was him as he fit in seamlessly being the down to earth, laid back Aussie guy he is. He was super nice and genuine and even made an effort to thank the employees and the store’s security on his way out.

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I was about 8 when I stumbled across Stephen King. He was in a rush getting out of a limo into a building, so I quick shouted “Mr. King I love Cujo!” He gave me a bemused smile and said “Who the hell let this kid read Cujo?!”


I mean, I expected Matthew McConaughey to be nice, but he was just so thoughtful and engaging, truly a great experience meeting him.

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I met Renee Zellweger and she was so much kinder than I ever could have imagined. This was when hurricane Harvey hit Texas. I was working at Austin Pets Alive and we took in thousands of animals from hard hit areas. It was insane. One day Renee Zellweger just showed up to volunteer. No warning, no fanfare. In fact, the only reason I noticed her is that she was wearing long sleeves and long pants and it was august in Texas. She spent a week volunteering. She did laundry, cleaned out poop covered crates, and drove vans of dogs from Houston to Austin (not a pleasant job with the smell and the barking). I hope this doesn’t get buried because she was truly amazing. So so nice and hardworking. The laundry room was next to my office so we became friendly over the week she was there. There are multiple news articles about this so it’s legit. Forever a fan.


Not my story, but my uncle is a film editor who went out and had a drink with Kenneth Brannagh, who played Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter. He was apparently lovely.

If I remember correctly, my uncle said the same thing about Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid.

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Robin Williams was THE KINDEST human being as you’d expect. He used to ski where my family does. One day I was out in rather blizzardy conditions and my mom was sitting inside noticeably worried. He chatted with her and told jokes to relax her. Another time, someone was inside with crutches following a bad fall, and he just checked in on him to ensure he was ok and to ask if he needed anything. I am still gutted over his death as he truly was everything you’d expect.


I worked with Mads Mikkelsen. He is the nicest person you will ever meet. Zero ego. Just a pleasure to work with.

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Robin Williams was shooting a film in my city he stopped by the nearest senior home just to say hello and take pictures with the residents. No other reason than to brighten up their day class act of a man. My grandma was a resident


Carlos Santana. I once read that you should never offer to shake the hand of famous musicians because they make their living with them and some people can be too aggressive with the hand crush. I approached him to quickly say I love his music and he took my hand into both of his and looked me directly in the eye to thank me and even asked a couple of questions about me.

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Image source: Heiminator, DoD News

Brad Pitt is a top-notch guy in real life

I met him in Malta while he was filming Troy. I was guiding a group of students as a group leader on a holiday trip and we saw Pitt just walking out of a cafe. He took time to take lots of pictures with all the kids and was really nice to everyone. Among my group were a bunch of teenage girls who almost fainted. Hilarious day all around.


in 2017 I sat next to John Cusack on a 90 minute flight (just the two of us. I’d luckily been upgraded to business class). He was clearly trying to be incognito so I said nothing and gave him his space. Eventually he started engaging me and I got to gush about how big a fan I was, and even compliment him on his choreography in a scene in War Inc. He seemed genuinely thrilled with the compliment and started enthusiastically telling me about the training he does etc. Graciously agreed to a photo once we landed and as he was leaving he turned around to tell me to wish my mother a happy mother’s day (it was mother’s Day weekend). 10/10 awesome guy.

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Chadwick Boseman, who I met while I was working as an extra. We weren’t supposed to talk to the actors, but he struck up a conversation with me. Asked me how I was doing, told me I was doing a great job. He was a genuine, sweet person and an incredible talent.


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David Beckham – not just a nice guy, but when his kids came to the secret event we were filming and some people spotted them, he came across and told the public who could see him that he’d do any photos or signings they liked, but to please leave his kids alone as they were not in the public eye and he wanted them to be afforded privacy. Good dad.


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Saw Ryan Gosling at my brothers graduation. His mom was graduating with a masters degree from same school. Ryan sat in front of me. He clapped for every kid who got on stage to get their diploma. I was so tired from such a long ceremony that I almost didn’t even clap for my brother.


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Michael Sheen – he does a lot of charity work for our shared hometown. I had no idea just how well known he was as a kid. Years ago he spent a night bowling with our youth club, it’s been a decade and I’m still blown away by how caring and genuine he was. He’s always doing something wonderful for the people in South Wales, and every time I hear about what he’s up to I still can’t believe my luck that I met him.

He’s the best of the Welsh.


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I can definitely attest that Michael Fassbender was a kind man who acted more excited to meet me than I was to meet him. Very satisfied by that experience!

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