Folks Online Spill The Beans About Dating Or Hanging Out With These 20 Celebrities

It’s relatively rare to spot a celebrity ‘in the wild’ hanging out with a “normal” non-celebrity person. Especially having a date. There are many reasons why stars usually date only other celebs. Firstly, they are constantly surrounded by them at various events or meet when working on the same projects. Other than that, they perhaps assume that by dating another celeb, they will not be exploited for money or fame. Or they date each other for higher exposure. Who knows? Well, they do, and perhaps their managers, but us, regular folks, can’t be so sure.

However, certain people, who we may call ‘born under a lucky star,’ were fortunate (or not so) to meet or even date celebrities. One Reddit user asked, “‘Normal’ Redditors that dated a celebrity, what was it like?” And many didn’t hold back and delivered. Although we cannot confirm that the stories are truthful, let’s take them with a grain of salt and see what these people had to share!

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#1 Lady Gaga

Image source: isaacs-cats, ladygaga

A family friend’s mom went clubbing with Lady Gaga. Afterward, Gaga asked if she knew who she was. Friend’s mom had no idea.

#2 Timothée Chalamet

Image source: unfrtntlyemily, tchalamet

I made out with Timothee Chalamet. I didn’t realize he was a celebrity as we met on tinder but he DID lie about his age – he was 19 but said he was 21 (I was 21 at the time) and he assumed I knew all about him when I guess his age, after finding out he wasn’t 21. It was right before he really blew up. His roommate had a dope cat. We never talked again.

#3 Johnny Cash

Image source: kaitlin2313, Dillan Stradlin

My husband’s great-great grandma has a song written after her by Johnny Cash called ballad of a teenage queen. He loved her when he was young and she apparently didn’t love him back. She ended up being badly treated by her husband.

#4 Daniel Radcliffe

Image source: eveisannoying, Gage Skidmore

I have a family friend who dated Daniel Radcliffe. I was seven at the time they dated, and a huge Harry Potter fan. I don’t remember much aside from the fact that he was a really sweet guy. On my 8th birthday, my family friend told Daniel it was my birthday and he texted me a personal happy birthday message despite never having met me. Absolutely made it the best birthday ever.

You are all asking why I had a phone at 8 years old- to clarify, Daniel texted from my family friend’s phone to my mom’s phone, and sadly, I don’t still have the message, as my mom’s messages were deleted when she got a new phone. I know it sounds unbelievable but it’s true I swear on Reddit

#5 John F. Kennedy

Image source: KingTobia_II, U.S. Embassy New Delhi

Damn, I’m so late and I know this will get buried but when my mom’s aunt passed away they were going through her stuff and found a picture of her sitting on JFK’s lap. No one knew anything about it.

#6 P!nk

Image source: anon, Andemaya

My uncle is a ski instructor in Northern California and had a coffee date with P!nk

#7 Keanu Reeves

Image source: takedownhisshield, Governo do Estado de São Paulo

My mom dated Keanu Reeves back in high school. She broke up with him because he was too focused on his band with his friends at the time.

If only…

#8 Natalie Portman

Image source: ICanhearyou4444, Georges Biard

A fairly close acquaintance of mine at the time went on a few dates with Natalie Portman when they were both at Harvard around 2002. He said she was exceptionally down-to-earth, genuine, and very engaging.

#9 Joseph Stalin

Image source: Bugbran, pxfuel

I have a friend who’s great great grandma was in a relationship with Joseph Stalin

Edit: She ran off to America with another man

#10 Actor Who Was In A Famous Vampire Movie

Image source: [deleted], Gábor Kovács

I went out with a guy that was in a very famous movie about vampires. I started dating him before the movie came out, and then we separated and dated again very briefly after it came out. People stared when we went places. He started wearing weird clothes because people started telling him what to wear. And his schedule was insane! He was very sweet but I was an absolute mess and totally screwed it up.

#11 Brad Pitt

Image source: anon, Toglenn

Friend of mine dated Brad Pitt in college. 2 or 3 dates if I remember correctly. I went to a different school, but remember meeting him when I went to visit my friend.

#12 Armie Hammer

Image source: frombrianna2briemode, Gage Skidmore

My college roommate’s cousin (I believe) went on a date (maybe multiple dates) with Armie Hammer before he blew up in “The Social Network” and apparently he forgot all about the date(s) they went on and when he tried to re-introduce himself to her at another encounter, she said something along the lines of “I know….we used to date.” Pretty sure the guy is married now.

#13 Mark Hamill

Image source: crispycrunch93, markhamill

I had an English teacher that went on a date with Mark Hamill just after filming Star Wars in the ’70s. She said he was a nice guy and was very humble, he said he was a small-time actor and said he had just finished a new movie that he thought might be successful. They only went out once and she never heard from him again. Saw him in Star Wars a few months later and had her mind blown.

#14 Samantha Fox

Image source: Morbido, Rob DiCaterino

Not a date, per se, but I had a nice quiet dinner with Samantha Fox in her hotel room in Toronto in the 80s. She was in town for a show and I was attached to her security detail. She asked me to eat with her because she didn’t want to go out but hated eating alone. Sweet girl, kinda sad too. Lonely.

I don’t remember a lot of details, what we ate etc. but I do remember we talked about her growing up in the UK and being still amazed at her success. I do remember she said she looked forward to seeing the world on tour, but apparently the world all looked like the same hotel room. She never got to just explore and play tourist.

#15 Gordon Lightfoot

Image source: laurieb16, Arnielee

My aunt kissed Gordon Lightfoot in a bathroom at one of his concerts. I’m guessing there was probably more but she didn’t elaborate.

#16 Gerard Butler

Image source: hercarmstrong, Gordon Correll

My friend’s aunt went on a blind date with Gerard Butler, circa *300*(the movie, not the year). There was a big miscommunication because he was looking for a hookup and she’s a kindly French-Canadian woman in her fifties, but they both had a laugh about it and enjoyed supper with each other. She said he was very kind and very muscular.

#17 Jim Carry

Image source: ouishi, Jim Carrey

One of my dad’s close friends is Jim Carry’s first wife. Apparently, he turned into kind of a d**k when he got famous (shock8ng, I know). I remember a decade or so again when their grown kid’s band was trying to make a living with their music, she really want Jim to help them get bookings and stuff and he was all “they need to make it on their own”. Then he got a new girlfriend who told him to help his kid out and he did. First wife is still salty about that.

#18 Leonardo DiCaprio

Image source: Swolecranon, Georges Biard

Not a romantic date in the least, but I had dinner once at a Japanese restaurant (in a group setting) with Leonardo DiCaprio while he was in Louisiana filming Django Unchained. He wanted to know what college was like and was asking us all about our lives. He also let me try his udon. It was my first ever Instagram post! He really is such a nice guy in the limelight and in real life- it felt like we were hanging out with our friend.

#19 Jimmy Buffett

Image source: RFEngineer, U.S. NAVY

My Aunt went on a date with Jimmy Buffett. She said he picked her up, stopped at a gas station, bought a jar of pickles, and then drove to the beach. They ate pickles and he took her home.

#20 The Cult

Image source: Syrinx_Temple_Priest, officialcult

Back when they were still a small bar band, my mother had drinks with The Cult. The lead singer had told her he was in a band, but she didn’t believe him. So when they played “Wild flower” that night, he dedicated the song to her.

People Post Their Reactions To Elon Musk’s Daughter Fully Cutting Ties With Her Father After Coming Out As Transgender (14 posts)

Elon Musk can’t stay away from drama, can’t he? With the Twitter takeover, all Tesla employees have to return to the office drama, involvement in the Amber Heard case, and now this… this is the life of the rich and famous, we suppose. Entertaining for us? Yes. Much fun for him? Not really.

Those who’ve been following the news already know that one of Musk’s children filed the paperwork required for a name change, recognition of a change of gender, and the issuance of a new birth certificate. The teenager filed the paperwork with a Santa Monica court in April, shortly after her birthday.

“Gender identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form,” was the official reason the teenager stated in a petition. Billionaire and Justine Wilson’s daughter decided to legally change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, adopting her mother’s previous last name, ultimately cutting ties with her biological father, Elon Musk.

Reactions to and discussions about this entire situation have been flooding the internet. To see how the whole situation played out, scroll below and leave a comment with your own thoughts.

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Elon Musk’s daughter revealed she identifies as a trans woman in a name change application she filed in April

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As she adopts her mother Justine Musk’s maiden name, she will now go by Vivian Jenna Wilson

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The reason for the petition was shared online along with the official document

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Image credits: KnowNothingTV

While Musk has not yet reacted, he has tweeted some transphobic remarks in the recent past

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People began criticizing Musk for his transphobia, and this is what they had to say about it

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Some Twitter users responded to those who had criticized Vivian for her actions

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Others offered unconditional support to the 18-year-old

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