April 18, 2021

10 Unusual Animal Facts Illustrated in Funny Comics

Ny-based artist Brian Ahearn created a new series of zoo drawing comics including animal facts. The comics are illustrated in such a relatable way, some using even Scarface references, and the results turned out to be amazing. The artist was inspired by the wildlife since he was a kid, and the thing he likes more about working on Zoodraws is the amount of knowledge he gains when researching for an animal.

“Seeing so many readers all around the globe express the same sentiment, while having a good laugh, makes me happy,” says Brian

Below you can enjoy some of his cartoons.

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#1 Why Can’t We Be Friends?

#2 Level Up

#3 Call Your Mom!

#4 The Moonwalk

#5 One And Done

#6 Three Years!

#7 Grandpa

#8 2020, The Comic

#9 Public Relations

#10 Halloween 2020