10 Unusual Animal Facts Illustrated in Funny Comics

Ny-based artist Brian Ahearn created a new series of zoo drawing comics including animal facts. The comics are illustrated in such a relatable way, some using even Scarface references, and the results turned out to be amazing. The artist was inspired by the wildlife since he was a kid, and the thing he likes more about working on Zoodraws is the amount of knowledge he gains when researching for an animal.

“Seeing so many readers all around the globe express the same sentiment, while having a good laugh, makes me happy,” says Brian

Below you can enjoy some of his cartoons.

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#1 Why Can’t We Be Friends?

#2 Level Up

#3 Call Your Mom!

#4 The Moonwalk

#5 One And Done

#6 Three Years!

#7 Grandpa

#8 2020, The Comic

#9 Public Relations

#10 Halloween 2020

Well-thought Illustrations Presenting the Society Issues About Our Lives Today

Modernity has brought us a very hectic life. Everything is speeding and reaching beyond its limits. This indicates how we perceive our social issues. How we address them and what’s our relationship with them.

But one illustrator dared to speak about these issues, he creates illustrations out of pop culture, politics, mental issues, and many other topics that are often thought-provoking and bring new light to the perspective of how we perceive our world. The inspirations to draw something relatable, you got to see in almost all of his drawings.

In one of his interviews, the illustrator Stephan Schmitz stated that the main kick of his illustrations is the surprise and attention they transmit. He tries to achieve this by combining objects, symbols, or scenarios, by working with negative space, or by tinkering with the rules of perspective. In the best cases, the image produces an ‘AHA’ effect for the viewer

More info Instagram & Website.


I think, once you’ve got someone’s attention through an image with this method, it will automatically make him/her think about the subject. Even if it is only for a couple of seconds.”

He loved drawing since he was a kid and always wanted to become a comic artist. But didn’t think of it professionally until he decided to learn illustration art in Switzerland. He also encourages young illustrators to start doing what they love and finds their style and voice through their work.

Don’t forget to check his work presented down below and tell us what impressions you got from his work!
















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