April 23, 2021

13 Comics About An Alligator That Prove That Everyone’s Special

This children’s book illustrator and comic creator, Chow Hon Lam, has now created a comic that shows that alligators can be sweet buddies too. They sometimes give us a scary impression: long mouth, sharp teeth, strong and scary tail, but this artist thinks alligators can be warm and sweet too. Earthwonders reached out to the artist to ask him more about his job.

” I started this series about 8 months ago (22nd June 2020), during the pandemic, I had more time at home, I was thinking of creating something that can warm people  and bring a smile to their face, especially in the hard time of 2020. The reason I choose an alligator is to try to tell people not to judge a book by it’s cover, an alligators can be a heartwarming buddy too,” said Chow for Earthwonders.

In this comic, you will see a different alligator, a warm and friendly alligator, Chon Hon Lam calls him “Buddy Gator.” And perhaps, we all need is a buddy like him.

For more info: Instagram | Facebook | behance.net | chowhonlam.com

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